Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Whining Wednesday

Because Mrs. Coach started it last week, and the small but spunky group of Miami bloggers has taken it and run, I'm posting a Whining Wednesday, too.

*My foot hurts. Still.

*I hate having no medical insurance.

*I think that the Indian clinic and their stupid triage and no appointments policy is the dumbest thing ever.

*I am incredibly sad because I found out last week that our old babysitter who has gone and gotten all grown up on me, lost her baby. She went in for an ultrasound only to find no heartbeat. They are devastated.

*My house is really really messy and I don't want to clean it.

*I want to float around peacefully in my pool and work on my freckles tan, but instead I will spend my time carrying around my three year old and threatening my two oldest children.

*I hate it when I get into "cranky mom" mode. It makes me mad at myself that I'm not more patient sometimes. I really do love those kids with every fiber in me. Sometimes I just get tired.

*Shaving your legs is a pain in the rear.

*I want to walk into my kitchen, grab a Hershey's bar, then lock myself in the bathroom, scarf it down and not write down any evidence that that scrumptuous milk chocolate ever passed my lips. But I won't.

*My back hurts because I threw a temper tantrum at my husband yesterday and lugged the back seat of my van from my toyroom to the van and put it in all by my stupid self. When husband tried to help, I said, "Get away from me" through gritted teeth. Boy I showed him.

*I want another tattoo.

*I kind of forgot to pay the truck payment last month. I am going to be in a lot of trouble when I tell my husband. I honestly thought I paid it. If that counts for anything.

*I don't want to make lunch. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

*My middle child, my only son, just could not wait to get a drink for the two minutes it took me to pee and got up on the counter by himself. Then he knocked one of the Strawberry Shortcake glasses off of the second shelf. I heard it from the bathroom. He said it didn't break. So upon entering the kitchen I checked the glass and sure enough, it wasn't broken. BUT when it fell out of the cabinet it landed on my large Pampered Chef baking stone. My eight year old, perfectly seasoned large round baking stone is broken. I've had it for 8 years!! I lugged it to some 200 kitchen shows and it never so much as got a chip in it. Then a stupid glass falls out of the cabinet and cracks it right down the middle. He felt bad. Mostly because I made him feel bad. I'm a horrible mother, I admit it.

I could whine so much more, but I'm starting to depress myself. Guess I'll go make lunch.

Did I mention I don't want to?


Queen Of Cheese said...

I knew I'd start something with Whiney Wednesdays, just figured it would be the start of noone reading my blogs again. WHO KNEW!! I keep telling myself I'm a trendsetter and sure 'nough. Now if the sheets drying off my porch rails would ever catch on, I'd really be cool.

Irish Divinity said...

I hate the whole leg shaving thing too!
You have my luck, that baking stone thing is something I thought only happened to me!

Redneck Diva said...

Brian-Hey, if you think shaving legs is a pain, just imagine the bikini area! Even less fun, trust me.

Mrs. Coach-You rock, girl! I love Whiney Wednesdays! Gives me an excuse to complain, plus I get to read everyone else's and commiserate. We should advertise it more!

Irish Divinity-I nearly cried when I saw that stone laying there in two pieces. It was so pretty and solid black and nothing stuck to it... now I'll have to start all over seasoning a new one. Hey, wanna come to a Pampered Chef party? ;-)

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