Thursday, June 02, 2005

Tattooed Hussy

Okay, with four - count 'em FOUR - requests to see a closeup of the tattoo, I couldn't say no! So I stuck my Hobbit foot up in Mr. Diva's face and said, "My fans want a closeup." He said, "Okay, you tattooed hussy, I'll take a picture of your ugly foot if you'll take a picture of my tat and post it." Fair enough. (I love how he's gotten a little more involved in the blog lately, btw.)

So without further ado - My tattooed foot. Up close and in your face.

A bit closer

And here's Mr. Diva's one and only ink.

Mr. Diva's awesome ink

His is fading badly because he refuses to wear sunscreen. I, on the other hand, am a FREAK about my ink! I bought a sunblock stick so I can be meticulous about it. In fact, last summer in Biloxi, Sis was mad at me and I didn't realize it, so when I asked her to put sunblock on my Tinkerbell (on my back, can't reach it) she just rubbed a HUGE circle around her, giving Tink a white aura after I got sunburned. I was pee-issed. Wow. Digression. Anyway, Mr. Diva and I got these tattoos on the same night. I had already gotten two before that night and they didn't hurt at all. He went first and the artist told him he'd start on the back of the arm, where it's most sensitive. Then it'd be all downhill from there. I made so much fun of him!! He was clenching his jaw and trying really hard not to let on how much it hurt. His is so big it took an hour to do and he was miserable the entire time. So about 30 minutes into his, it was my turn with a different artist. I stuck my Hobbit foot up there and when he stuck that vibrating needle to the top of my foot I nearly came unglued! That thing HURT like a motherfucker and then suddenly it wasn't so funny that Mr. Diva was now making fun of me! If my artist hadn't kept me laughing hysterically the entire time (15 minutes) I'd have probably whined and possibly a tear might've leaked out. And keep in mind I'm tough when it comes to pain - I've had three kids, two without drugs. But dammit if that wasn't awful. I'd do it again, though, because it's so damn cool. I get lots of compliments on it. And lots of hateful comments, too. I choose to ignore those.

I'll be posting pics of my other tats on Half-Nekkid Thursdays so stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Cool tats. Hurts like a hell, don't it!? We had to take two breaks doing my shark. Can't wait to get more done :) BTW, the solid blacks hurt more than ones with color.

Queen Of Cheese said...

I totally understand the pain thing....I think I lost 10lbs in pure sweat during my tattoo. Cool way to diet though! You have one flower, I have the whole stinking flower bed on my foot and thought I would throw up before it was over.

Redneck Diva said...

MagicGnome - Hurts like hell is SUCH an understatement! I think hubby could've used a break during his - he was hurtin' pretty bad. He'll never get another, but I'm rarin' to go for more !

MrsCoach- I don't know why you don't go back and get a matching one for your other foot. Geez, ya wimp! Yours is pretty, though. I've always liked yours. You need to post it on Half-Nekkid Thursday this week!!

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