Sunday, September 11, 2005

What a weekend

I just looked up at my clock a few minutes ago and discovered it to only be 9:40pm. I honestly thought it was closer to midnight. I am so tired it's painful. Literally. My foot is huge again today. I spent all day in a car on Saturday (Okay,well not ALL day, but a lot of it) and then spent the day today on my feet without shoes on. All that adds up to really crappy circulation things going on in my feet. It sure sucks being an old lady at 32.

Friday night I went to bed a hair before 11pm and got up at 4am, Saturday. After our excursion to Edmond I just went back to Mom's in town, Mr. Diva brought the two kids under his care to Mom's and then we went out with Sis and Bub. We were going to go to Joplin to dinner and a movie, but we got a much later start than we had intended so we just stayed in town and, after a yummy dinner at Arby's, went to where else - the casinos.

Sis had had about 2 hours of sleep the night before, both of us were road-weary, but we didn't want to go home. So after we'd lost all the money we cared to lose to any Indian tribe, we went to the new sports bar in town. We pulled into the parking lot and started to get out, but I noticed that we were the only soccer-mom van in the parking lot. And some chick with her thong hangin' out the waistband of her britches was standing outside talking to her boy-band-lookin' boyfriend with his cap turned around backwards. I was not about to go into that place. It was too young and snotty for me, I had a feeling. So Sis suggested the other sports bar in town. You'd think that in a redneck, midwestern town like ours we'd have more country joints, but no, we're overrun with sports bars. And when we drove by the Elks Lodge they were already shut down for the night, so that wasn't even an option. Besides, Mrs. Coach wasn't with us and we wouldn't have wanted to have gone to her favorite bar without her. So we headed to Shooters.

We played darts. And I smoked a lot of cigarettes and drank one whole Schmirnoff. And I also learned that when playing darts, if you actually aim where you throw the darts you do much better. Yeah. Go figure.

We got home here around 2am and by the time we had experienced all there way to experience in this week's Really Loud The Kids Are Out Of The House Sex escapade, we went to sleep around 3:30am. That was kind of fun. Okay, no . . . it was a lot of fun.

Mom had offered to fix a big breakfast for us this morning, so we got up around 8 and we were leaving here by 8:30. Mmm . . . biscuits and gravy, eggs and hashbrowns and I didn't have to fix them. Mom rocks.

I was chewing my last bite and rounding kids up and trying to get out the door because I had a Home and Garden Party to get ready for and my home looked like it belonged in a garden it was such a disaster. Actually, it wasn't as bad as it could've been. I've been keeping things pretty picked up and straightened now that the baby is here. But still, there were things that needed done and I wanted to get them done and get a shower, too. But as we were walking out the front door Mom said she wanted to show me something on her carport that she had bought at the day before's auction. Mom works for an auction company and buys a lot of stuff to re-sell at the flea market. Yes, it's redneck business, but it's profitable.

I ended up leaving Mom's house this morning with a new dining room table and chairs, a new white cabinet for the kids' craft supplies, a table with a lamp attached, three child-sized lawnchairs and a table for my record player. All for the low, low price of $95. The dining room table is like new and I am so in love with it that I could actually see myself marrying it. I have had the dining room table that I grew up with, the dining room table that my parents bought when they were first married, for the entire nearly 13 years of my marriage. It's a great table with a formica top and it is virtually indestructable, but it's old and the finish is dark and it's round and I wanted a rectangular one with a lighter finish. My new table is PERFECTLY JUST WHAT I WANTED.

So tonight after the party I cleaned and filled up the new craft cabinet, put out the daycare kids' new cubbies, rearranged my living room and now I am so tired I'm plumb goofy. But the party was a smashing success and I'm going to get a buttload of free products, the spinach dip was a hit and my house is clean. Well, except for my office, but it's never clean so it doesn't count.

Before I go to bed to rest my ugly, swollen foot, I leave you with an actual conversation exchange between my almost nine-year old and my 88-year old grandfather. Up until then, Sis and I had just snickered quietly or exchanged looks when the two in the backseat would say something funny, amusing or off-the-wall. When this conversation went down, though, we nearly had a wreck because Sis was laughing so hard she couldn't see for the tears and I was completely incapacitated and couldn't have taken control of the wheel for my life. We are such dirty-minded girls.

We were driving in downtown Edmond when we saw an H2 at a stoplight. Papa is fascinated by the new cars on the roads these days and was commenting on virtually every one we saw. Sis said, "Ooh Abby and Papa, look what's up there at that light!" and pointed to the shiny black Hummer ahead of us. Abby snorted haughtily and said, "Why would anyone want a hummer anyway?" Papa said, "Eh, I wouldn't want a hummer. I'd just take the money instead."

Maybe you just had to be there and be extremely tired, but we nearly wrecked that Lincoln over a hummer.

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Derek Knight said...

in pappy's day, hummers only cost a NICKEL! You did, however, have to go all the way downtown to get one and you might end up with more than you bargained for in the process...

With all of that, I think I'd just want to save the nickel, too...

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