Saturday, September 17, 2005

Curly Squirrelly

Thursday night I went to the Wal*Mart and bought some leave-in conditionery stuff and some gel, as per The Great and Mighty Anna, Queen of Anna Land's suggestion.


Girl, my hair is GORgeous today! I owe it all to you. I am forever your humble servant and sycophant. You rock.

Who knew something so simple could do so much. I can't imagine how drop-dead sexy I'd be if I had the money for the expensive salon stuff.

I didn't curl my hair into individual twisty things like she does because, frankly I just don't have time to do that. I must rush the process a bit; air drying isn't feasible in my life. But I did mix the conditioner and gel and well, I just must say that if you looked up the definition of "curl definition" in the dictionary, I'm thinking that I'd be pictured just under Anna herself. I was standing in the bathroom, admiring myself and my gorgeousness when Sis walked down the hall. She stopped in mid sentence and said "AWESOME hair today!" I was like, "Yah, I know! I am so. hot." She replied with a very valley-girl, "Like omigosh, yes you ARE!"

I've been fighting off the urge all day to just swing my head from side to side, just to draw attention to my hair and the beautifulness of it all. I'm not frizzy, I'm defined, I'm bouncy and well, I'm even attracted to myself today.

Anna, thank you for doing what you did and sharing with me the secrets of your curlarific beauty. We white girls with afros thank you. Or at least, this white girl with the red afro thanks you.


Hillbilly Mom said...

Uh...Diva...I don't know how to break this news to you, but have you been to Rebecca's blog lately? She has a T-shirt for you. And here's a clue. It's not showing off your curly locks, but the red do-rag pirate costume thingy! Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember the last time I felt that way about my hair. It's been along time.

Redneck Diva said...

HillbillyMom-I knew it was coming. She warned me. It's hilarious in a humiliating kind of way, lol

Jenn-I have never felt that way about my hair until yesterday. That Anna knows her hair care, for sure.

Queen Of Cheese said...

OK, so exactly what did you buy? My hair if french braided today to control curl!!! I want to know the exact location of the items you bought!!!!!!!!

Angela said...

As a fellow white girl with an afro ... what is the exact leave-in conditioner/gel combination and where in the Wal*Mart can it be found? This is *must* have information for 'fro havin' white girls across the nation!

Angela said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sam said...

Doesn't it feel great to have good hair? I bet you're beautiful!

Redneck Diva said...

Mrs.Coach-At least you can still french-braid yours! I keep mine too short now for even a decent looking ponytail. I like my hair short, but I miss the ponytail and braid sometimes. I'll post my hair products here in a bit.

Angela-I will post the exact location of the magic hair product and it's only going to cost you $19.95 for the info!! Just kidding . . . I'll post it in a bit.

CurlyTop-Something about the red 'fros that are just horrendous aren't they? I feel like Carrot Top on a bad day, lol.

Sam-Well, gawrsh . . . I'm not sure I'm going to go as far as beautiful, but I am borderline hot! :D

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