Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Okay, so I'll whine

A few whines before I just flat-out fall asleep on the keyboard. Miss April did such a bang-up job of getting down on one knee to whine, I hate to disappoint her.

*The trip to Tulsa wasn't too awful bad, but we did drive with the windows down. 89 miles, 90 degree temps, no radio (couldn't hear it for the roaring wind) and no talking (couldn't hear it for the roaring wind). The trip home was better - we ran the AC till nearly Big Cabin and then I rolled the windows down again because I was literally watching the gas guage fall rapidly towards empty. Abby chattered like a chipmunk until I rolled the windows down again.

*The dentist kind of reprimanded me for not making Abby wear her headgear 14 hours a day. She's been wearing it 12. Geesh. He said those 2 hours a day can take her from a 40% chance of success to a 90% chance. Whatever. And what about that 10% - does he not know that I am a walking disaster? Just her sharing my DNA leaves her wide open to having something weird, freaky and out of the ordinary happen. She'll be the 10% that gets negative results or something. I personally think he just likes to torture kids with overbites. She cried. I fumed. The assistant then jumped on the bandwagon and gave us a "pep talk" all the way out of the office.

*I am tired. Just plain ol' tired.

*I have boogers again. Lots of boogers. My head feels all heavy and fishbowl-y. I wish I could just blow that snot outta there, but it seems to want to stay in my sinuses and brew up something yummy and infectious.

*I had big hair today. It was ginormous by the time we hit T-town. I was afraid I wouldn't get my head out of the van, it was so big. On a totally cool note, though, Anna gave me her sacred hair tips. I so cannot wait to try them out.

*Abby missed school from noon on today. Those three missed hours turned into 2 hours of tearful homework tonight. Oy. She was crying so hard at one point I was afraid the worksheet she was doing was going to rip it was so wet. That particular one was English. She just doesn't "get" English. That is a foreign concept to me because English gives me a big ol' case of the Happies. I saw her English book and the word "predicate" and nearly fell over from the delirious happiness that overtook me. I swear I heard angels singing and heavenly light shining down. Tonight she had to make a sentence with a compound subject - taking two sentences and combining the subjects with "and" or "or" to make a simpler sentence. I explained it. She then looked over the top of her glasses at me (My dad used to do it to me and I catch myself doing it to my kids - it's a very serious look) and said, "But WHY? Those were two perfectly good sentences." I wanted to say "It doesn't matter why we do it, my dear, but it makes my tummy tickle when I do it. Go on. Don't you want your tummy to tickle, too?" I didn't say that because I knew her mood was pretty volatile then and she would've either rolled her eyes and said, "You. Are such a dork. Mom." or she'd have burst into tears and her head would've exploded. So I just said, "To simplify writing." She then burst into tears.

*I have a headache.

*I want a tattoo.

*I miss Cousin Stacey.

*I want to be debt free.

*I want to be skinny.

*I want to sleep for a long, long, long time.

*I want a bigger kitchen.

*We need groceries but the only way to get them is to actually go to Wal*Mart and buy them. That sucks.

*Chandler told Sis today that my kids call him "weird". Chances are they do. They call me weird, too. They call each other weird. To us, weird isn't bad, it's kind of a term of endearment. Sort of. Maybe not, but it's certainly not bad. To us. But when you're an only child and don't have siblings to torture and be tortured by, I guess weird is bad. I am going to have to talk to my kids about that. *sigh* Why is parenting so hard? Just little things like my kids calling another kid weird and not meaning a thing by it just eats at me and drives me nuts - what if I'm really in all actuality a really bad parent? What if I'm raising little psychopaths? What if Abby never learns to make a compound sentence and what if Sam never gets over his reading frustrations and what if Kady stages a coup at the school and . . . oh my gosh, tonight is not a good mommy night for me.


~ A P R I L ~ said...

Oh, sister...... good whine. Don't you feel better now?

I was an only child and "weird" is normal. Weird to me was perfection, but I can see where a modern only child could have problems with it.

You are NOT raising psychopaths, silly Diva.... brats, maybe, psychopaths, NEVAH!!!!!!!

Abby will learn to read, really, I'm damn near guaranteeing. Preticates get ya all hard eh? For me it was prepositional phrases. Under the boobs, over the boobs, near the boobs..... LOL anything to describe the location of the boobs. ROTFLMAO!

I need groceries too, I share your Wal-Mart dilema. Actually I'm ok with GOING to Wal-Mart, my problem is with the paying at the Wal-Mart. Why don't they offer some sort of "every 10th cart free" kinda thing?

Redneck Diva said...

April-Oh great, I'm raising brats...that makes me feel so much better. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Abby can read great, she's in 3rd grade and nearly reading on a 5th grade level. She freakin' rocks in the reading department, she just has no desire to tear the sentences apart and conjugate her verbs and fix dangling participles. If I hadn't been there to experience her actually emerging from my uterus and subsequent vagina, I'd really doubt she was mine. But, I do have the episiotomy scar to prove she did, so I'm stuck with my English-challenged 3rd grader.

Today's Wal*Mart's payday - so we're just going to sign Mr. Diva's check right back over to them when we get groceries. That sucks.

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