Thursday, September 15, 2005

I miss my friend

I am typing so fast I may very well sustain a stress fracture in a finger or two, but see, the babies are down for their morning nap and I am never exactly sure how long in duration the morning naps will be. They're usually 45 minutes, but it could be less. Although . . . it's awfully dark and dreary and well dammit, it's just a good day to sleep. I know I'd be if I weren't like, the adult in charge.

Okay, so this daycare business is just rockin' the house and I love it, but dadgum I miss my blogging. I actually have had two evenings that were free and I had plenty of time to be out here on the computer, but night before last I just turned it off and was in bed by 9:40 and last night the computer was unplugged because of storms and I could've hooked it up and blogged awhile, but, I was re-watching the season finale of Lost so I'd get all excited again about the season premiere next week.

Here's how busy and tired I've been - I haven't been to Ladies' Night in two weeks. Yep. I think this job thing is making a responsible person out of me. I haven't been in my pajamas past 6:10 any day this week, and while I don't put on makeup every day, I shower and fix my hair and get dressed and put on shoes. The house is insanely clean, the laundry is caught up and the kitchen is never, ever dirty anymore. It's weird. Mr. Diva is scared.

Tuesday evening was karate, but it was also the first PTC Carnival meeting. I needed to be at both, but that whole cloning thing is still pretty controversial, so Mr. Diva - GOD BLESS HIS SOUL - took Sam and both of Tater's tots to town to karate, then took the Tots home afterwards. I took my two girls to the school for the meeting. It went okay. They didn't do everything the way I want, but I guess I can't be the queen of everything, even though I'd really like to be. I mentioned I am in charge of the concession stand and praise be to God, the manager of Miami's Wal*Mart is a home room parent in Abby's class!!!!!!! That means that the man is a saint and is going to hit up his vendors for our stand supplies and we'll make pretty much ALL profit. WHOO HOOOOOOOO!!! He's a quietly powerful man and I find him strangely attractive. Of course, his wife is just a living doll so I'll just admire him in secret.

Tuesday night it was pretty stormy by the time we all got home so Mr. Diva skipped out on Men's Night (See the responsibilty thing is rubbing off on him, too) and by 9 he was in his recliner reading a book and by 9:40 I was in bed reading a book. I turned off the light a little after 10 and wasn't even aware when he came to bed.

Wednesday is our one evening during the week that we have NOTHING on the calendar. Not only are there no kid activities scheduled, but I take extra care to make sure that nothing extra gets stuck in there on a Wednesday night. Now that the new TV season is starting, we don't answer our phone after 7 on Wednesdays either. Too much good TV on to mess with the pesky phone. Leave a message and we'll call you back on Thursday.

Yesterday was the eye doctor appointment. I couldn't have fit another kid (legally) into my van even if I'd wanted to, but Lord, I wouldn't have wanted to. The back backseat was Chandler, Sam and Kady. The middle seat was both babies with Abby in the middle. She is a Godsend, my oldest child. I was going to take a stroller for Cute Big Baby, but figured it'd be more hassle so Abby carried the big one and I had Cute Little Baby in his carrier and was holding Kady's hand. Sam held Chandler's hand and we all invaded the building. There were 47 gazillion kids in there already so the six I added to the mix really weren't noticed that much. It got dicey, though, when they called us back but Sis stayed out in the waiting room with the big baby, her kids and the two 3 year olds. When I heard her name called for their appointment, I met her in the hall and took the two preschoolers, leaving her with the big baby. The doctor walked in the exam room and said, "Is uh . . . this the Hoover family? Or maybe we should call you a tribe? Or a team? Can y'all play sports? Because I think you've got enough, hon." I just smiled. It's kind of fun to not tell people they're not all mine. Makes 'em wonder if I really am that big of a slut.

The exams went well. Sam is still on the far-sighted side, but not by much. He said that by his next exam, next year, he may very well need glasses. Mr. Diva didn't start wearing glasses until he was 33, but I started wearing them when I was 11, so he could go either way. Abby, strangely enough, didn't change at all this time. Funny that her glasses have always been horribly bad every six months when we saw the other eye doctor, but they didn't change a whit this time. Part of me wanted to be skeptical, but part of me thought that maybe her eyes have just leveled out for awhile. Then when I talked to Sis after her kids' exams and she said that TotTwo didn't even need glasses and TotOne's were nearly double the strength they needed to be, I kind of have to go with the original theory that someone's been making money off of the system by giving out glasses when they aren't needed. *shrugs* Who knows.

Finding out that Abby's glasses are okay, though, leads me to believe that the headaches that are plaguing her daily are from the Zantac. Since they're not from her glasses, that's the only thing I can think of. It's listed as a side-effect and I made sure that she did not know that. The medicine is helping her stomach and she's not having abdominal pain anymore, but the head pain is getting her down now. Poor kid.

Last night after the kids went to bed I fixed Mr. Diva a grilled cheese sandwich with the last two pieces of bread in the house, ate a bowl of frosted flakes, put a load of laundry in and then settled in to watch Lost. After that I stayed tuned for the local news and, as I always do when I watch the local news, I fell asleep during the weather. That's the main reason I watch the local news and then I fall asleep during it. And I always wake up as soon as it's over. So my eyes popped open in enough time to see the 7-day forecast, then I dragged myself to the back of the house, took off my eye makeup, brushed my teeth, fell into bed and don't remember Mr. Diva getting in the shower, much less getting out.

The poor guy hasn't gotten lucky since last Saturday night. And strangely, it doesn't seem to be bothering him. He hasn't even asked.

I said that we're responsible, but I'm thinking that maybe we're just old.

Tonight is Brownies and we're making situpons. (A situpon is what Girl Scouts make to "sit upon" at any outdoor activity. Ours our squares of tablecloth, filled with folded newspaper and then stitched together with yarn. When Sis was a Brownie years ago, they used carpet samples.) Actually only two of the girls are making situpons, the other five made theirs last year. I'm not exactly sure what the five are going to do yet . . . I should really get on that. Then after Brownies I have to fly to town to a parent meeting for Lab School. I have had a child in Lab School virtually every year since 2000 and pretty much know all there is to know about it, but Jill's a Lab School virgin and I'm going with her. I was going to take her out to dinner for her birthday beforehand, but forgot about Brownies. So no dinner. That sucks. I was looking forward to something besides Spaghetti-o's.

Mom's watching the kids Saturday night, even though we're not driving in the derby. Yes, again we have pissed out on the derby. I was angry, but I'm not now. I guess I was kind of expecting it. It wasn't meant to be, obviously. He had 9 days of vacation and chose to not work on the car. Not a whole lot I can do about it - I mean, he's my mechanic and I sure as shit don't know how to put a starter in. So Mom still wants the kids and we're not going to turn down a free sitter. But we can't go out with Sis and Bub because they have tickets to see ZZ Top. Mr. Diva wants to go to a motorcycle/4X4 thing at The Bunker, but the flyer I saw mentioned exotic dancers and the way I figure it, by the time we'd get there the actual events would be over and we'd get there in time for a drunken party with half-nekkid girls and stuff. And nah, it interests me none. I gave him my blessing to go with his brother or a friend or someone, but I just really don't want to drink the famous "Ammo Can of Beer" and watched skanky nekkid chicks hump a pole or whatever it is that nekkid skanks do. Not that all exotic dancers are skanks . . . if you are an exotic dancer and you're not skanky, I apologize if I offended you.

And now Cute Big Baby is awake and standing at the baby gate slobbering and crying. The slobbering won't, but I'm pretty sure that the crying will wake up Cute Little Baby. It's time for morning snack anyway. Hmm . . . sweet potato puffs and Cheerios. Oh and while I'm thinking of it, it's a pretty sure bet that if Gerber makes it, adults won't like it. Those sweet potato puffs were a big disappointment.

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Shannon said...

YYAAAYYY! you are back! I have missed reading your blog. I haven't been to ladies night in forever. I always forget that it is Monday until Mondays already over. LOL! by that time its too late.

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