Wednesday, September 28, 2005

No time to whine

Mr. Diva ran back and jumped in the shower before me, so I guess I'll use this time to whine.

*I didn't have time to whine today. Okay, so actually I had time to whine, I just chose to use that time to surf blogs instead of write on my own.

*I had to wash Sam's one pair of jeans tonight as soon as he took them off so that the child would have drawers to wear tomorrow because it seems that overnight fall has decided to visit Oklahoma. I say "visit" because it'll be 105 again in a few days, I'm sure.

*There's talk circulating of a GNO on Friday night and when I just now asked Mr. Diva if I could go he blatantly ignored me.

*I didn't get my office organized today like I wanted to because instead of using that time wisely to organize I instead surfed blogs. Oh well. It's not like the mess is going anywhere. It'll still be there when I finally get around to it.

*TaterSis didn't come over today. Gosh, I miss her when she goes off and lives her own life.

*I miss Cousin Stacey.

Okay, enough of this whining stuff. It depresses me.

I just went outside and the cats were all sitting in various places around the carport. They all had their tails curled around their feet. I love autumn. It's flippin' COLD out there right now and I love it!! If only it would stay this way. But the weather forecast I checked today says it'll be back up in the 80's by the weekend.

The kids and I are planning on going to a Rennaissance Faire this weekend, but I hear it's supposed to rain. That's going to suck if we can't go. But Abby got her birthday money from my mother in law today and she's just dying to go shopping, so I'm sure we won't just sit around and watch it rain if we don't go to the Faire. It would be a kick-ass day if we could actually go to the Faire AND go shopping.

And now Mr. Diva is out of the shower. I know this because I can smell his cologne wafting through the house. That's one thing I really like - the way the house (and he) smells when he gets out of the shower. He says the same thing about me. Of course, I make the house smell like cherry blossoms, not Irish Spring and Obsession.


Queen Of Cheese said...

Ah, the smell of shower soap and cologne. I don't know if it really is that great of a smell or if it is just SOOOO much better than the smell that went in there before the shower. Football practice has made our house reek! Mr. Coach however thinks the bathroom is a better place to be in when he makes it all steamy and cologne smelling. I like it from a distance, I have to give it a good 10 minutes before I can go in there when he done.

Redneck Diva said...

Ooh I love the way he smells when he comes out of the shower! Mixed with the steam - it's like a sauna in heaven.

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