Sunday, September 25, 2005

It's just a mess

My living room, that is. Since last Wednesday it has looked like the Goodwill Store exploded in my living room. Today it looks like a slightly disorganized Goodwill Store and less like an explosion has occured here.

I slept till nearly 10 this morning. I'm not sure where my real husband is and what the Pod People have done with him, but if they'd like to leave this new and improved one with me for awhile, I'd be okay with that. I had plans of making a big breakfast this morning, but by the time I dragged my lazy behind out of bed, Paul was halfway through a bowl of Cheerios. Oops. So we're having breakfast for dinner tonight instead. Works for me. I prefer my breakfasty food at night anyway. And forget about me eating a bowl of cereal first thing in the morning. I'd rather not eat than eat cereal for breakfast. There is just nothing better than a bowl of frosted flakes right before bed. I'm sure my dentist would cringe. If I had a dentist. Hmm . . . now I'm thinking that maybe I need to see a dentist . . . wow, digression at its finest today. Geesh.

This morning I stripped my bed, put on clean sheets and then made the bed. Then proceded to pile the bed with various things that have been piled in the floor and on my dresser for awhile now. Part of that piled stuff was winter clothes. So those bags went up to the Goodwill living room. And while I was in the back of the house I decided to work on the small bathroom. After Christmas last year we painted it yellow. Really. Bright. Yellow. I had no theme going on in there and had left up the butterfly curtains from when it had been Ab's bathroom. When Tater, Mom and I were in Branson in June I found a really cute Tinkerbell bathroom counter set (soap dispenser, cup and toothbrush holder), a valance and some stick-on decals that I just HAD to have. So since June they've all just sat on my dresser awaiting the day they were set free to decorate. And today was that day. The bathroom that my husband now showers and shaves in is decorated in lavender and yellow with Tinkerbell and flowers all over the wall. I just can't help but laugh at that. Strangely it doesn't seem to bother him. I think he knows that he and Sam are greatly outnumbered and the estrogen will prevail.

After I finished cleaning and decorating that bathroom I moved on to the other bathroom where I discovered that if you directly spray apple-scented Lysol on pecker-gnats (aka fruit flies) they die instantly.

I am so tired of the fruit flies. I just can't convince Paul that the nonburnable trash should go out more often than he's taking it out. Fruit flies can produce 500 offspring in a few week's time. We've been fighting the little suckers all summer. I have a mind to just call a trash service and have them start picking up our trash this week. I am tired of stinky trash and pecker gnats. I know they are fruit flies and not really pecker gnats, but when I say pecker gnats it makes Abby giggle so I say it instead. I am easily amused. Obviously, so is she.

I went through all of the winter clothes and got all of the too small clothes in one box for the resale shop. Then I took Kady's ginormous mountain of winter clothes and categorized everything. There was a pile for everything - jeans, turtlenecks, sweats, sweaters, windpants, knit pants, long-sleeves t-shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, skirts. Then after everything was in a pile I went through and took out repeats and non-essentials. There was still a lot of clothes. So I went through again and took out things that were even less essential. Still, the child has too many clothes. I filled a super huge Rubbermaid box with all of her winter clothes. Paul says I still have to downsize. *sigh* And he's right. Last year she had this many clothes and all it did was crowd Abby's side of the closet. Plus she'd end up wearing the same 8 outfits over and over. I just need to be tough and really get rid of more. If only the consignment shop lady would pay me up front for the things I take in. Then I could buy Abby and Sam some clothes with Kady's clothes now and not have to wait for her to sell things. I somehow doubt she'd go for that.

My kids have played outside all day. They smell like sheepdogs. I called Kady in to try on a pair of corduroys and she actually poofed out a cloud of dust when she sat down to put them on. Now, that's dirty. Paul finally found a headlight for his tractor and has spent the better part of the day tinkering around in the barn and on the tractor. He'd never admit it, but he's really excited about the hayride that we're doing at the campout in a few weeks. He's been worrying about that tractor and it's headlight for weeks. Now he's out bushhogging and will probably break something on the tractor and then he'll be worrying about things again.

Last night Paul brought me a story that Abby had written. She'd left it on the bar and he nearly spit tea everywhere when he read it.

"My dog Jake by Abby
I got my dog September 28, 2001. My dad got him at Wallmart. He is a good good dog. he never biten anyone but he trid to bite a plumer (plumber) who looked like he hadn't takin a bath in 3 years. Jake is a wach dog. I love Jake."

(And yeah, the guy really did look like he hadn't taken a bath in three years. *shudder*)

Creative spelling just drives me crazy. Back when I was in school we learned how to spell correctly from the beginning. Now they do this creative spelling and amazingly, it works. The kids do fantastically with it and I have yet to hear of a teacher who doesn't like it. But to a perfectionist who suffers from OCD, it just about is more than I can handle.

Last night when we were all outside, Sam and I were sitting on the 4-wheeler watching the girls ride the other 4-wheeler. All of the sudden he jumped down. I asked where he was going. He sniffed and said, "Eh. Just goin' off to mark my territory." His father has taught him so much.

The radio station, Magic 93.9, has 70's Saturday and then on Sunday they do the 80's Backtrack show. So naturally, all weekend my radio is on 93.9. Today Sam was lying in the living room floor watching me go through clothes . He sighed dramatically and said, "I can't get this radio station on my radio." I said, "Oh I bet you do. If you want, I can find it for you." He shook his head and said, "Heavens no. I'm glad I don't get it!"


Queen Of Cheese said...

Holy Crap! Someone finally bought into Mr. Coachs' theory he doesn't spell bad he just spells creatively! I just knew someone as stupid as he is would buy into it, looks like it was a someone who teaches at Fairland. Call it whatever you want, it's still spelled wrong!!

~ A P R I L ~ said...

I think there was something in the water this morning. I didn't drag my fat ass out of bed until after 11:00! Ugh!

Redneck Diva said...

Mrs.Coach-Even my uncle who has taught elementary school for 30some years says that creative spelling is THE way to go with early gradeschoolers. Hmh. I don't know why we just can't teach them the right way from the start. But who am I to argue - like I said, the teachers say it really does work better.

April-Wasn't it nice? I so enjoyed sleeping in two days in a row! That getting up at 5:30 five days a week is for the birds.

Irish Divinity said...

What resale shop do you use? and what is creative spelling?

Redneck Diva said...

IrishDivinity-I use Our Kids in Fairland. Sue's has become too hoity toity for my taste. She won't accept Wal*Mart, KMart or Target clothes OR Payless shoes. Hmh. She lost my business when she posted that sign in her window. I like Our Kids. The owner is very nice and she's usually got a pretty good variety of clothes. I got Sam two brand new pairs of Levi's last year for $11 and have gotten both girls some really nice dresses there, too.

Creative spelling is where the kids learn to spell phoentically. So they write it how it sounds. Makes for some interesting reading for the parents, lemme tell ya. Sam brings home some very interesting papers and most of the time I have to have him decipher them. But strangely enough, they learn how to spell that way! Go figure.

Redneck Diva said...

Of course, if I could spell "phoenetically" it might help as well.


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