Monday, September 05, 2005

Dorky Tuesday

Osbasso, the Grand Poobah of all thing Nekkid, has created a (he says) one-time Dorky Tuesday. Now, this is just my opinion, but if it gets half of the publicity that Half-Nekkid Thursday gets, we'll be sharing dorky pictures for many years to come.

I have so many more pictures of me at the height of my dork-dom, but tonight all I grabbed was the album from when I was 18. The picture was taken in 1991, just shortly after I graduated high school. I was actually coming out of the dorkiness by then, believe it or not.

It is the infamous clogging outfit. The picture doesn't show them, but we also wore red bloomers with lace on the rear-end. Like what you put on your baby when you dress 'em up at Easter - satin panties with lace on the hiney. In the pics I'm only wearing my Keds, but we wore clogging shoes to dance in. Of course, we didn't wear them until we actually got to a performance because clogging shoes are like souped-up tap shoes and make a whole lot of noise.

This next picture shows only a small amount of the flaring capabilities of the skirt. Oh yes, when we'd spin, that puppy'd flare straight out, making us actually thankful for the lacy bloomers.

So there you have it - Everyone's favorite redneck diva in her clogging dress. Yep. I was a dork.

And just for the record - Small Town Starlit had one, too. I doubt she'll share a picture with us, because most of the time she didn't clog willingly, but if I looked hard enough, dug deep enough, I could probably find a picture of her in one as well. BUT, being the nice cousin that I am, I will refrain from posting embarrassing pictures of her. Well . . . at least until this year's Christmas party. Because if she sings karaoke again, I can't be responsible for the pictures that will come of that.

Happy Tuesday everyone! If you decide to get dorky with us, post your pic and then let Os know in the comments!


HappyKap said...

Oh my god! Those are great! Everyone evolves, thankfully, huh?

Anonymous said...

Did you love Dirty Dancing, because I see a watermellon in your past too!

~ A P R I L ~ said...

The only clogging I've ever done is toilets, very nice, Diva, very nice.

Redneck Diva said...

HappyKap-Yes!! Even though I still want to start clogging again, I doubt they'd get me back into any kind of outfit like that. It was okay when I was 18, but at 32 . . . I'm thinking no.

Lance-I saw Dirty Dancing 17 times in the theatre and now am happy to say I own it and watch it a lot still.

"I carried a watermelon." Too funny.

April-Thanks. I've clogged my share of toilets, but thankfully the dancing version isn't as oogey.

So . . . where's your Dorky Tuesday pic? Huh HUH?

Queen Of Cheese said...

Keds, creations of wonder! I had the cloth ones, leather ones, baseball themed ones, black ones, well I had a lot of them. I even had a pair of Lagoon Green hightop Reeboks. I loved those shoes.

Redneck Diva said...

Mrs.Coach-Oh I loved me Keds back in the day. I had white, black, red, navy and even a pair of white ones that my mom took and had someone paint teddy bears and hearts on. Oh yeah, those were freakin' stylin', lemme tell ya.

I did have one pair of hightop Reeboks, but my faves were my fluorescent yellow Cons. Mom hated those shoes.

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