Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Tater Talks...

I have taken over the Diva's blog for a few moments, because, because.... well I really don't have a good reason why except I am at her house and needed a break from painting props for the fall carnival at our kid's school. As you may know both of my kids (ya know, Tater's tots) have started school, and I am a little clingy to the Diva 'cause I'M BORED!!!!!! I have now volunteered for anything and everything at the tots' school and am seeing if I can keep up with all the things I keep raising my hand for in the PTO meetings.

Funny thing happened yesterday at the Parent/Teacher conference at the tots' school. See the Tater has two tots, my oldest we will call Tweeny Tot and my youngest we will call Tiny Tot, I was in Tiny's class and was talking to his teacher, I was explaining that it was no longer necessary for Tiny to wear glasses and his teacher to my surprise said "I know I read all about it on the Diva's blog." So I have decided that the Diva is a much more effective form of communicating with my kids' teachers haha. BTW Tiny's teacher is also Small Town Starlit if you are familiar with her blog, she rocks!

For those of you that don't know because I don't know how much my sister (the Diva) shares. (obviously a lot) I am one of the few people left in America without the internet. Please don't pity me for I am too busy pitying myself. See my husband is so damn cheap that he thinks it's unnecessary to pay for the internet since he has it at work. One small problem, Muscle Monkey (aka my husband) forgets he won't let me work and I am at home by myself I NEED THE INTERNET!!!! I AM LONELY!!!!

Before I vamoose I must explain the nicknames, see my mother has brainwashed me into believing the whole 50 gallon barrel thing , so I am obviously not immune to the Matriarch's crazy ramblings like the Diva has become, I still think believe that "Fitty", as my sister so lovingly calls him, may possibly be out there waiting for me to reveal my personal info so he can fill one more barrell with my grizzly remains. So I maintain my anonimity until they come out with a really good pill for paranoia.

Well, until I take over the Diva's blog again, take care.

Tater Out


Hillbilly Mom said...

Hey, Taterbug!

With a sister like the Diva, I don't think you have to worry about "Fitty" coming after you.

Not that you aren't worthy of being chopped up and put in a 55-gallon barrel, mind you. It's just that Diva is the squeaky wheel, and "Fitty" is going to grease her first.

Queen Of Cheese said...

Don't worry Taterbug, if Fitty comes for you, offer to take him to the Elks for a drink first. He'll run screaming like a little girl from that place and never bother the Tater family again.

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