Saturday, September 17, 2005

Pole humpin'?

This morning Sis and the kids came out here and then, the kids and I headed to Grove to REC Day. REC is our local electric cooperative. We were running late and had to ride the flippin' Pelivan to the Civic Center. We ran in, registered and voted (for what I'm still not sure) and went around the corner to get our bag of goodies (two ball caps) and then we registered the kids for a free Dell computer. All I gotta say is that after that horrible experience, they'd better win a freakin' computer. Two or three of them at least.

The staff was RUDE and just not friendly. And the newsletter was not very clear as to the schedule of events because we were under the impression that we could register by noon and then enjoy the events and booths. Oh but nooooooo. We were rushed out, didn't get the kids ID'd, didn't get any cotton candy, and barely got a free hot dog. We will not be attending next year.

After that we went to an auction. Have you ever taken five children to an auction? I doubt we ever do that again. I saw like, half of Paul's family. Even his bitch grandmother. I think she's frightened of me. Good. I have been forbidden to speak to her, but whether Mr. Diva had ordered me to not talk to her or not, I wouldn't have. She's one of the few people on this earth that I think I might hate.

So now we're home, Sis is slack-jawed and drooling in front of my television that has more than 3 channels, my husband is fixing a chilidog and the kids are playing outside. And to think I could've been in the pits right now, getting ready for the derby. But no. We're broke and we have a sitter and Bub and Sis are going to see ZZ Top and we're not and if we want to hang out with them we'll have to do it after the concert and that'll be late and even then we're only going to be able to afford to play darts and while that's fun and all I won't have any money to buy any alcohol and just how long can I make this sentence, anyway?

I'm going to go eat a chili dog, too. With extra cheese. Just because I flippin' feel like it, that's why.


~ A P R I L ~ said...

awe, poor diva... I'm sorry. Sounds like you're having a shitty day. (((HUGS)))

Carmel said...

Hubby and I had a talk when we first got married. He mentioned innocently enough one day shortly after marriage that he and his USAF buds were going to a place where skanks might stick t/a in their face and pole-hump. "Is that ok?" he asked. "You don't have a problem with that do you?"
"No, of couse not. If you don't mind if I sleep with your best friend, then I won't mind if you go watch women other than your wife dance naked." I said.
20 years later, he still doesn't go to such places.

Redneck Diva said...

April-Not a shitty day, just a damn depressing one! :D

Cissy-LOL!! Good one, girl!! *high five*

Redneck Diva said... Cali must have asshole REC-type people as well? Is it a nationwide "electric company people are assholes" type thing?

I love chili dogs...they're just so damn bad for you. Yet, still I eat them.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it!
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