Tuesday, September 06, 2005

More dorkiness

Okay, I just felt the need to share more dorkiness.

This is what happens when I get bored. I post dorky pictures.

This first one is from when I was a Freshman. I was Band Queen that year. Yeah. Band geeks had queens. Obviously I was ecstatic about it given the squinty eyed, delirious smile on my face in this picture.


Ahh . . . Freshman graduation. Notice the bangs - that row curled back goes perfectly in front of my cap. I remember curling my hair with the cap on then securing it in place and wearing it to the school so that it would not get messed up. Bangs were very important back then.


This is my best friend back then, DeLisa. We were inseparable back then. I sure do miss her. We live a whole 4 miles apart yet we never seem to find time to see each other. I will definitely have to call her after seeing all these dorky pictures! Sadly, both pair of underwear were mine - you know you're good friends when you can put her panties on your head. We were at an FHA convention. I think we were in 10th grade.


Me and De again. Our friend, Stacie, had a slumber party in her parent's camper the summer before 10th grade. We thought we were mega cool. Look at my shirt. "Raisins in the sun"? I couldn't even get a real California Raisins shirt, I had a generic raisins shirt. Even back then I was cheap.


I was in 11th grade here. I was drum majorette which meant that during marching season I lead the band on the field and in parades. During concert season I didn't do much, except at this particular graduation Mr. Medders didn't feel like directing and I got to. And look, we were in Bear Country! Roaaaaaarrrrrrrr.


Not only was a Band geek, but I was also a Speech/Drama geek. Or dork, however you want to look at it. This one is specially for Kevin who I have only recently been emailing back and forth after all these years. Kevin's the one coming in from the side to snatch away my precious "Green Teddy" or GT as we called him. I carried the stupid bear as a good luck charm to tournaments. And being the overly dramatic retards we were, we made up this whole story about him being kidnapped, complete with ransom notes and everything. Hey, it kept us entertained between rounds and out of the coach's hair.


And finally, this is from the summer before my Senior year. We had had a foreign exchange student that year and I think she was getting ready to go home. We were probably having one last hurrah at a local museum/park thing. Tinne, the Belgian, is on the far left. Sis is next in her multi-colored OSU shirt. I'm next with some seriously messed up bangs. They make me think of Vanilla Ice for some reason. I loved that hippy smiley face shirt. I even had dog tags to go with. The guy on the right was my boyfriend, Brad. And to think I had a boyfriend, even with hair like that. Sis and I should've been hung for the outrageous fashion statements we had goin' on in this picture.


Okay, that's it. I'm done. I'm tired, Paul shows no sign of turning off the PS2 and turning me on, so I'm going on to bed.

Happy Dorky Tuesday everyone!!


Osbasso said...

Your definitely in the running for Queen Dork!

You're also the third who's mentioned being a band geek. Seems to be the hidden guilty characteristic here! So the inevitable question--what did you learn at band camp???

Lelly said...

Great pics...wish I'd posted more now...I have a graduation pic too!
Happy DT!

BUMBLE!!! said...

So tell us what band camp was really like oh Rednecked 1!! And have a good geeky dorky Tuesday too.

aughra said...

Those are great! I was a drama geek, too. I know about the bangs, but unfortunatly my hair was so fine I couldn't get the serious mall hair going on. Thank god that trend passed!

Anonymous said...

Wow it never ends, someone please tell her husband to go to bed! Great pics.

warcrygirl said...

Long live the Band Fairies! Happy DT!

lecram sinun said...

great set of pics and stories!

Calvin said...

hehe, nice story there! :-)

Redneck Diva said...

Osbasso- I'm honored that I'm in the running for Queen Dork. I think.

And you won't believe this, but I never went to band camp! We didn't have one around here. Church camp, Girl Scout camp, even yearbook camp, but never band camp. Only now do I realize what I might've been missing.

Lelly-Graduation pics are the epitome of dorky pictures!

Mel-Dorky and adorable - just what I was going for!!

Dan Glass-Sadly, I'm a band camp virgin... *sigh*

Aughra-Hey, with a can of Aqua Net and a curling iron, we made even the finest of hair stand up. We were hair gurus back then. It's a wonder we didn't all end up bald from all the abuse we subjected our follicles to.

Lance-He played that stupid PS2 until 2:30. Grrrr...

Jenny-Okay, so it wasn't just me that had Vanilla Ice flashbacks? Whew! WTF was I thinking?????

WarCryGirl-Band Fairies?!? LOL We weren't called anything but Band Geeks back then. And we wore that title with honor as only geeks could.


Politically Homeless said...

I must've been kinda nerdy cause I always had crushes on dorky girls.

Great pics!

Margaret said...

these pics are just too cool...LOL


Redneck Diva said...

Brian-You'd have SO been crushing on me then! 'Cuz I think Os was right when he said "Queen of Dorks"!

Monkey-Thanks! Cool in a dorky way, right?

Hillbilly Mom said...

Oh, GOOD LORD!!! I am almost speechless.

Not only were you a supreme geeky dork... you revelled in it. That band-directing photo says it all.

And that little green bear thing...
AAHHHHH! Isn't there a telethon for you people?

I admit that I was band president, but that is where my dorkness ends. It is buried in a shallow grave, never to be unearthed except by SBC or "Fitty."

Queen Of Cheese said...

Ok, I didn't do the band thing, but I was a huge FHA dork, even had the red jacket. I was an FHA State Officer for goodness sake!!! And that hair, OH MY GOSH, I always looked like a cocker spaniel caught in a dryer. I even look like that today, with out the mile high bangs of course. Oy, if you need me I'll be getting a hair cut.......

By the way, those shorts would now be considered jeans!!!

Redneck Diva said...

HillbillyMom-Speechless? I must write this one down.

Oh I did revel in my dorkiness! I loved being a nerd, a teacher's pet, a band/drama geek and all around good-girl.

LOL @ telethon. Hey, we were drama dorks - we had to overdramatize EVerything! It was our niche. We were strange, eccentric and way out there - no one appreciated us and that was the way we liked it.

Band president, eh? So, with some gentle guidance you probably could've come on over to the dorky side,I'm bettin'.

Mrs.Coach-Ooh a RED FFA jacket! Color me impressed. No one at our school had anything but the blue ones.

Gosh, wasn't 90's hair THE best!? I almost wish we'd go back to big bangs and blowing it straight out on the sides...

Redneck Diva said...

lecram-Sorry, hon - somehow you got lost in the jumble of replies! Thanks for stopping by, though!

Belly said...

I am left envious - excellent dorky tuesday pictures!

Shannon said...

Great pictures Diva!! I would love to see one of Courtney!! LOL
I don't have a scanner or I could have added to the dorkiness.

HappyKap said...

Bangs were everything! Everything.

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