Saturday, March 26, 2005

Two tones are better than one

Two tones are better than one
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I have the worst luck with hair color these days. Back when I had more money than I had sense, I spent $40 to get highlights at the salon. But the last time I did that, he nearly made me a platinum blonde! I have very dark brown hair (naturally, anyway) and I wanted dramatic blonde highlights, not all over blonde! So I quit doing that. I have just been my natural color for a long time now, but the gray is taking over like crazy, so back in November I got some of that new hair color for brunettes that is supposed to eliminate any brassiness. Ha! That's a crock of crap because I ended up with red hair. Agh. I have finally come to terms with the darkness of my hair and I didn't want to go back to red! But I let it grow out and finally decided when I had nearly three inches of roots (with a lot of gray in them) that it was time to recolor.

After spending 30 minutes in the hair color aisle at Wal*Mart and finally deciding on do-it-yourself at-home highlights for the Every Day Low Price of $19.95 and then I got a $2.00 Associate discount, I thought I had done a good thing. The original plan was to have Mom color it last Sunday, but things kinda went crazy and instead we went house hunting for Sis and Bub. Since then Mom has declared more than once that she's really busy and yes, she really is. Sis and Bub and the kids will be moving in in three weeks and her house isn't ready, so I understand. Thursday is Bub's late night for class so Heather usually hangs out with us because well she gets lonely... plus now she has no furniture in her house because they moved it all to storage over Spring Break, lol. So I told her that if she colored my hair I'd feed her dinner. She was completely happy because hey she was getting a free meal and she didn't have to sit on the floor until bedtime.

The coloring commenced and it seemed to be going well. The all over color was really dark, but I think it only seemed that way because I've been a light auburn since November. I was pretty happy with the color even though I told Sis that when she did my highlights I wanted her to give me zig-zag streaks like Elvira Mistress of the Dark. She laughed and got a look of mischief in her eyes. Little sisters.

Well, I didn't get zig-zag streaks. And for the record, the debacle that is sitting on my head right now is not her fault. It's just the fact that I am going to have to pay for highlights from now on. Obviously my hair has an auburn tendency because home color always turns red on me!!!! My highlights are red. RED people. Well, most of them are red. The first two she did are platinum. PLUS (and this part is Sis' fault, but I don't blame her. Really. Not too much anyway, lol.) Even though I reminded her, she kind of didn't get any highlights underneath.

So pretty much I look like Christina Aguilera. Except I'm not skinny. And I'm not Latino. And I don't have my nose pierced. But the hair - oh yeah, I got that.


Anonymous said...

Pictures? Where are the pictures?
*foot tapping*
I'm waiting.

Anonymous said...

The recessive Glenn hair gene. It's nice to know I am not alone.

Redneck Diva said...

Pictures.....ummmm yeah....I'll get right on that, J. Riiiiiiight on that... To be honest though, my debut on is this week and I've GOT to get a picture goin' for that.

And actually, I got about 5 compliments on the hair today so either that means it looks really good or else they all just feel really sorry for me and wanted to make me feel good.

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