Friday, March 25, 2005

Friday, Good

Mr. Diva arrived back at Diva Central at 4:30am. He watched TV till 6am. He didn't win shit either. Ha! Oops. Did I say that? I slept alone and hogged the whole bed. Heehee.

The phone rang at 10am. It was one of his old work buddies that he was supposed to go camping/fishing with this weekend. He announced that the fish were not biting at Eucha (Pronounced OOH-CHEE for those not in Oklahoma. I know, we're weird with our pronunciations.) and they were all going to instead travel to Little Sahara. Where this small dessert wasteland is, I have no clue. They went several years ago, but I'm not sure what state they are in - could be Oklahoma, could be Missouri. It's sand dunes, that's all I know.

Keep in mind that it's roughly 50 degrees outside right now. He has bitched for weeks about how cold it is, yet when his buddies call and want to ride ATV's in the cold, he's all up in that. Go figure. I'm glad he went though...if he'd stayed at home he'd have driven me batshit all weekend. Of course, he's recovering from that "lower back flare-up" so I may end up driving to wherever in the hell Little Sahara is in the middle of the night pick his crippled ass up, too.

Bub and Sis and I are going out tonight. I'm the 3rd wheel, but I don't care - I'm going OUT. I called our adorable sitter, Megan or "Meggie" as the kids call her, and she's coming over when we get back from karate. The kids planned all afternoon exactly which board games they are going to drive her crazy with. Uno is always at the top of the list. God love that Meggie.

I have to drop by the bank before karate to give Jill Chandler's Easter basket because I kind of forgot it in my van yesterday after the excitement of the school parties. (They weren't all that exciting - I was using sarcasm.) Plus poor Chandler was having poop issues last night when she picked him up and Easter baskets were preempted by talk of glycerine suppositories, laxatives and megacolon. Ahh...three year old potty trainers...good times.

Fingers crossed I win big at the casino tonight because y'all know darn good and well that I'm so going to end up at one or more of them before the night's over, right?


Politically Homeless said...

Good luck at the casino! If I can win enough to pay for dinner I'm a happy guy.

Redneck Diva said...

Thanks, Brian! I broke even last night - not as much fun as winning but definitely more fun than losing!

I just spent nearly an hour reading your site's archives - I'm hooked! Consider yourself bookmarked!

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