Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Little crystal cockleburs

Yay. I think I have another kidney stone. It's been 7 years, so I'm not sure. But once you've had one you can never have a backache again without wondering, "Is it? Could it be? Oh hell, please not again."

It started hurting Sunday night when I got in from the Lucky Turtle. Not excruciating by any means. But constant. Walking around it's not bad and I certainly am not debilitated by any means. I've done laundry, cleaned out closets, etc, but when I sit...oh the pain. I look like my son when he's had inside recess at school - he can't sit still, he can only sit on one butt cheek at a time, he fidgets and wiggles, stands up, sits down. That's me right now. I have been on my feet a lot the last few days simply because sitting is horrible.

Part of me thinks (hopes) it's just a strained muscle. A big part of me.

I called my dad, who passes roughly 10 stones a year. I figure he's a pretty reliable source of information regarding the hellacious crystalized stones he and his offspring seem to produce. He said that it sounded to him like a stone that's in the bottom of the kidney, on the verge of dropping into the ureter. Great. That's just what I was hoping he'd say! Sarcasm, read that with sarcasm, people. While it's still in the kidney it's just a dull, throbbing, constant ache. It's when the motherfucker drops into the ureter that it makes you want to die. And quickly.

My last one was a sudden whack upside the back that said "You are dying, go now my child and be with God." No warning, just pain. I was in the ER within 2 hours of the onset. Pretty quick, even though it was two hours of sheer hell.

This one is making the adventure last longer. We're going on 3 days now. IF it's a stone. I'm still holding onto that pulled muscle theory. Mr. Diva just brought me some cranberry juice. I don't know why I torture myself with the cranberry juice thing. It's nasty, makes me thirsty as hell and besides, it's just a pulled muscle. Right? Cranberry juice doesn't help pulled muscles. Right?


KarbonKountyMoos said...

Oh No! Here's an ailment that I've managed to avoid. The Sugar Beet Baron had them, though. Can you get them blasted?

Anonymous said...

OUCH! I had kidney stones when I was pregnant with the boy, and that was a bitch! My dad had them all the time, and so they told me that I was going to continue to have them. Thank goodness, knock on wood, that hasn't been the case, but every time I have the pain in my back, it scares the shit out of me.

Hey! I think it is just a pulled muscle, though. (Positive thoughts...positive thoughts...)

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