Monday, March 28, 2005


The Easter Bunny left me a CD on Easter morning. I guess he was feeling pretty rich since I hear he's been gambling at the Lucky Turtle on Bunny's Night or something. The CD he left me is Trace Adkins' new one, "Songs About Me". Track #11 is "Honkytonk Badonkadonk" and the entire Diva family loves it. It's about a chick with it all goin' on, if you know what I mean. The good thing is my kids are totally clueless that they're jammin' out to a song about a chick's cute rear-end, they just think it's cool to say badonkadonk. We were listening to it yesterday morning on the way to church (Which I'm sure is sacreligious) and I said, "I had better never hear of my girls havin' a badonkadonk." Mr. Diva kind of laughed and said, "Why? You used to have one."

For a brief moment I was like "Yeah! I DID used to have a nice, cute, looks good in tight jeans little badonkadonk of my own..." Then it hit me.

He said "used to."

I have a badonkadonk gone wrong.

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J said...

Blogger ate my comment..Damn.

Trying again!
THAT is the most hilarious thing I have ever heard!
I had time to kill before being able to post a comment, so I downloaded this song. I see why everyone in the Diva household loves it!

And, his voice is the sexiest. Yumm.

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