Monday, March 07, 2005

I accomplished so much today

We eliminated one chunk of debt this morning. The guy that bought the truck met us at the bank. He handed the loan officer a cashier's check to pay off our loan then handed Paul a check for the balance. We signed over the title and got the heck outta Dodge. Well, we left after I told the loan officer while I was shaking his hand to kindly take that payment book and shred it. He thought I was funny. I'm cute that way. Charming as all get out and quickly on my way to financial peace. Hooooooaw! We then went to the other bank and I opened up my Girl Scout checking account now that I have cookie money out the wazoo. Agh, the cookies. I dream of Tagalongs and Samoas, people. I'll be glad when the cookies are gone from my house. Of course, then I'll just have the extra booty to remind me of the good times we had with the cookies. Anyway, then we deposited that truck check into our personal checking account with much delight. It was a good thing. We drove directly to the insurance agent and paid the insurance on the cycle since it's getting to be that time of year. You know what time of year - the time of year where any time Paul is out on the motorcycle and the telephone rings I answer it in fear that I'll hear what I heard on July 3, 2003 - the sound of an ambulance siren and his friend screaming into the phone that he's been hit by a car. Yeah, that time of year. I can hardly wait. It ranks right up there with Thanksgiving. So that done, we then had a celebratory lunch at Long John Silver's, which is roughly equal to a high colonic to me. I love their chicken (Chicken at a fish place? How dare I?) but it's rough on the ol' intestinal tract. Kady thought she was in hog heaven, eating in a restaurant again. Abby and Sam were so jealous even though they hate LJS. We then went to the tag office and got the cycle tags in anticipation of the next wreck. I just had so much to do when I left the house this morning, so much that I had to carry a folder with me! Just silly little errands, but things that had to be done. They were all accomplished and I felt like my day was good. I was at peace. I was still sore from the morning's tickling smackdown, but the day was still good. Oh I forgot to tell y'all - Paul bought a small flat-bottom aluminum boat AND motor yesterday for $100. The neighbor lady is selling her place and kind of liquidating her stuff a piece at a time. The neighbor got a trailer cheap and we got a boat cheap. Paul was so proud of that purchase, still is. He and his friend, Robert, are out there right now putting a new board or something in it. They've been playing with it all afternoon. It really was a good deal. We were figuring it would cost us $400 or $500 to get him a nice boat and it was going to have to wait till next summer. But this boat just kind of happened and we really feel it's a blessing from God. Like He's saying "Well done, my children. You don't eat out anymore, you cut up your credit cards. Here, have a boat." Hey, whatever The Big Guy wants to send our way. We were driving home this afternoon and I said, "You know, with all this money in my purse, I have this overwhelming urge to just go get a new tattoo." Paul said, "Hey now...I thought we were attaining financial peace here! What's up with this tattoo business? Delayed gratification is what you've thrown at me for weeks now, right?" I said, "Yeah...but you got a new boat and I'm feelin' all left out. My tattoo won't cost $100. Can I? Puh-leeeeeeeeeease???" He said, "No. No tattoos right now. I'm just going to give you $100 towards your little Branson getaway next month." I nearly caused us to wreck when I grabbed him around the neck and hugged him. I have been telling him for a few weeks now that I'm feeling "that way" again. It happens in the fall and again in the spring. Stay at home mom goes berserk. Stay at home mom begins yelling more. Stay at home mom initiates shut-down mode. Stay at home mom is no good to anyone. So I run away. I spend two nights away from home. Alone. This time I'm going to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in Branson. I told y'all that last week, right? Yeah...I did. So anyway, the deal was that I could go as long as I didn't use the household money to go. Now I've got $100 towards it. Stay at home mom is feeling like she will survive once more. Oh and also, I won $15 last night at the Lucky Turtle's pj party. Sis won $12 on her first spin, the lucky dog. I won my $15 playing (Yah Yah) Yahtzee. I cashed out speedy quick. Sis cashed hers out, too. But she played most of it again. Not me. So technically I have $115 towards my trip. Yessssssssss. Tonight's Ladies' Night, too. Dare I hope?

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