Friday, March 18, 2005

Trojan man!

Okay, so I'm a woman. But when I typed "Trojan woman!" up there and then said it to myself in my head, well, it just didn't sound right.

Anyway...I'm doing a virus scan right now and while it hasn't detected a virus one, it's handling more Trojans than a cajun hooker at Mardi Gras.

"Downloaders" it's calling them. Downloaders suck.

It's the blogging. The blogging is giving me downloaders.

At least it isn't giving me the herp. 'Cuz that would be bad. I can handle the occasional downloader as long as a heaping helping of McAfee can handle it. Herpes - now, Lysol can't wash that off, people.

So in conclusion:
Herpes - real bad
Trojans - kinda bad, but not too bad
Downloaders - bad, but still better than herpes
McAfee - effective in downloader removal
Lysol - won't get rid of downloaders. Or herpes.

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