Thursday, March 03, 2005

Life happened

When I tucked Kady in last night, I leaned down to kiss her and felt my lips sizzling upon touching her little forehead. That is never a good thing. I took her temp and it read 101.8. But at the time I didn't treat it. She hadn't complained that she was achey or cold, she wasn't chilling and I figured it was there for a reason. I tucked her in and left the bathroom light glowing into the hall so if she needed me, she had a clear path. By this time, Mr. Diva was sound asleep in his recliner, so I did what any woman would do - I took over the whole entire bed. I felt like the freaking Queen of Sheba, all propped up on my three pillows.

By 1:30 Kady was awake and crying. Oh yeah, and she was barking like a baby harp seal. Oh the rattling, wheezing and God-awful noises coming from that child. I gave her some cough medicine, some Tylenol and put her in bed with me. There we slept the rest of the night, both of us propped up, in all of our royal glory. We got up at 6:30 and she seemed much better. For about 5 minutes. Then she started coughing and couldn't quit. I filled the nebulizer up, sat her in her daddy's chair and proceded to wake up the other two kids. They got on the bus at 7:20. I checked on Kady and discovered that again, she was burning up with fever. I called the doctor's office at 7:25, a full five minutes before they actually opened, but prayed someone would answer. They did. Mind you, it's 7:25, I have spent the last hour getting two kids off to school and making sure the other one can breathe. I am still in my pj's. And the nurse says they have one appointment. One. If I don't take it, it'll be Monday before he can see her. That appointment was for 8. I said, "I'll be there," hung up the phone and took off down the hall, stripping off pajamas and frantically searching for some sweats. I washed my face, pulled my hair back in a ponytail, slapped a little foundation and mascara on, grabbed some sweats for KD, pulled her hair back in a ponytail, filled a sippy cup for her (And let me tell you what - she thought she was in hog heaven, drinking out of a sippy cup. She hasn't used one since she was 1. The only time she gets one is when she's sick. She took full advantage of that thing today - she's probably overhydrated now, lol.) and flew out the door at 7:45. 15 minutes and I even looked human and only slightly like white trash.

One listen to her raspy lungs and Dr. David announced that a certain three year old would be leaving his office with a prescription. She has asthmatic broncitis. Which means her asthma is acting up and she developed bronchitis in the midst of it all. Great. So while he had his little magic medicine pad out, I told him how Sam sounded. That he's coughed for 4 weeks, but now when he coughs, there's an added note at the end. He wrote him a Rx for the same high-powered, extremely expensive antibiotic, too. He also said that KD's immune system is seriously depleted and to keep her away from people as much as possible and for the love of God, keep her out of Wal-Mart. Nothin' doin', Dr. David. I can SO do that. I hate that place now that they've deemed me unemployable. But I digress.

I called Jill to tell her that KD was sick and that it was up to her as to whether she brought Chandler over the rest of the week. She opted to keep him away from the plague house. Can't say I blame her.

I dropped off the Rx's at the pharmacy and rummaged through my purse for my Entertainment envelope. I had $5 left for indulgence and by golly, when you have asthmatic bronchitis I think you need a donut. So a donut KD had. She thought she was all that. Then the nice pharmacist gave her not one, but TWO color books. She practically glowed back there in her carseat. A sippy cup, a donut and TWO color books. How much better can it get? Oh yeah, to not have asthmatic bronchitis would definitely be better.

We came home and she went immediately to the couch. Then she colored awhile. Then she played with her InteracTV awhile. Back to coloring. Back to the couch. Leggos awhile. Laid in the kitchen floor awhile while I made cornbread. All the while she shook because the kid was pumped so full of albuterol it wasn't funny. She really never has complained about it making her shake, but it's unnerving to watch her do it. Finally she slept. For a whole 45 minutes. Bless her heart.

While she slept I put together the few things I needed to do before Brownies. Thankfully Heather had agreed to do the meeting today. We planted things, which I am just simply awful at. I missed that gene somewhere along the way. I vacuumed while holding KD. I made a cake while holding her. I swept the kitchen floor while holding her. I did make her sit on the couch while I dusted because I figured breathing in the stirred up dust was probably a bad thing. I finally sat down with her and just held her. She liked that. And to be honest, so did I.

Mom, God love her, picked up my one town Brownie, brought her out here then basically just kept KD entertained and away from the general population while we Brownie'd our little hearts out. The girls planted onions, peppers, watermelon, lettuce, tomatoes and some other vegetable that none of them will eat. But they enjoyed it. I also managed to unload the rest of the cookies on Magnet Lady. God love you, Magnet Lady.

After the Brownies left, the family stayed and we ate brown beans and cornbread and for dessert, chocolate cake. Sis and the kids left first, Mom stayed awhile, playing a game on my computer. When she finally got up to go she said, "Man, I'm cold." I replied with, "Man, I got the farts." Mom laughed and said, "Oh yeah? Like this?" and just pooted ever so quietly. I said, "No, more like this," and I SWEAR to you, I really intended to just poot a little. But what emerged was a bun-rattling cacophony that reduced my mother to a bent-over position, crying and holding her stomach from laughing so hard. Then I got tickled and lost my breath and then Mom felt compelled to run in and tattle to my husband that I had just peeled the paint off the toyroom walls.

Agh, I just heard noise in the kitchen and see that Mr. Diva is eating another bowl of beans. Man, for once I am glad I'm pulling sick kid duty tonight and he is sleeping on the couch.

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