Monday, March 21, 2005

Fly on the wall

My children. Crazy little critters...


Sam: (holding a GI Joe right in front of Strawberry Shortcake) Hey! You! Little Strawberry girl! Get outta my way!
Kady: (pushing GI Joe back a few paces with her gigantic red-haired head) Look here, GI JOE! I don't hafta get outta you way! So there!
Sam: (catching Strawberry Shortcake with a pimp slap to the side of her enormous head) I SAID get. outta. my. WAY!
Kady: Hey! I gots muscles!
Sam: (Evil laugh) Muscles? You? Have? Muscles?? (More evil laughing)
Kady: Yes! My momma got 'em for me at Wal*Mart!


Me: (after fixing two elbow boo-boos) Alllllrighty there...look at that. Two American flag bandaids. We'll all have to salute your elbows, eh?
TotTwo: Heh heh. Yeah, I guess, Aunt Kiki.
Me: Everything okay now, buddy?
TotTwo: (throwing his arms around me and squeezing) Yep. Hey, Aunt Kiki?
Me: Yeah, buddy?
TotTwo: You're my hero.
Me: (absolutely beaming with love for this tow-headed little boy) Oh yeah? Well, wow. Thanks buddy!
TotTwo: Of course, Donatello from the Turtles is my hero, too. You're second.

I'd like to see Donatello afix American flag bandaids on elbows with the amount of ease I did. His freaky turtle feet wouldn't allow it, I do believe. Take that, Donatello. You dooder head.


Kady playing with two of Sam's action figures left in the living room this morning:

GI Joe: Hey. You! Really evil guy!
Really Evil Guy: Yeah? Whaddayoowant?
GI Joe: You wanna piece-a me?
Really Evil Guy: Nah, I don't want any pizza. I not hungry.


Anonymous said...

Too Cute! ;)

Babs said...

Hey Diva! Just letting you know I'm here and I got your new link hooked up over at the Conversation Station.

Anonymous said...

Hee! Too funny!

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