Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Tedium ad nauseum

That might be a pretty redundant Latin statement (is "tedium" even Latin?), but it pretty much describes what I'm doing and have been doing for the last nearly 2 hours. I am copy and pasting old posts from Tripod over to Blogger. Starting from June. Of 2004. I am one strange chick with obviously a lot of time on my hands.

But I do it for the blog. For the fans of the blog. It's all about the blog.

Eh, but I hear we blogging mommies are pretty self-absorbed, so maybe it's not all about the blog.

If reading back through last summer's exploits and adventures has peaked your curiosity, then by all means go back on over to my Tripod site and visit the archives. I set the calendar up a bit different so it might be easier to look back a ways. It has been for me so far anyway.


Nothing really exciting at the Diva house today so far. Chandler peed his pants, which always is high drama. Poor guy. It must suck to be three and not have total control over your bladder. It'd be bad at any age, but man, he's to the age where he thinks he knows what's goin' on down there most of the time...but sometimes it just doesn't quite sink in till it's too late. And as frustrating as it is for me to clean him up, I can't help but stifle a giggle under my "sternly exasperated" look when he takes off walking like John Wayne with hemorrhoids. It's pretty comical. Ugh, wet sweats. Bleh.


Abby's eye appointment went well this morning. Except her eyes are a full three clicks worse AGAIN. Just six months ago they were three clicks worse. Six clicks in a year. He told me today that as soon as I feel she's old enough, to get her into contacts. I was a little perplexed by this and asked him why. Was it better for her vision? Do those horrid plastic disks from Hades have healing powers I am not aware of? Why the contacts?? He said, "Kristin, the poor child is blind. If her vision is diminishing six clicks a year, it's not going to be too long before she has pop bottle lenses. You don't want her to deal with that stigma at school do you?" Well, gee... I dunno I do have kind of a sadistic side--UH NO. I have worn glasses since I was 11. AND when I started wearing glasses I had braces and was fat. Not just chubby, FAT. Don't talk to me about stigmas, Dr. Eye Doctor. I know stigmas all too well. Pair up the blind, fat, brace face with the fact that my last name was "Bass" and were a kid once, you put together your own ideas as to what they called me. I'm no stranger to the pain, to quote -- who was that twangy country singer....

But as hard as it is to deal with stigmas, I am not going to put my 9 or 10 year old into contacts. I just won't. For one, contacts are expensive. For another, I have had NO luck at all with contacts. Not saying she wouldn't wear them without a hitch, but the poor child is my Mini Me. I'm not betting on it. And lastly, they make High Index lenses for glasses. Unbeknownst to me, in about the 8th grade my mother switched me to High Index lenses because of the pop bottle factor. Voila' no more pop bottle, eyes swimming in the fish bowl look. I hadn't a clue, because I was kind of a late bloomer and my self-esteem wasn't demanding I focus too highly on my looks yet. I've worn them since and to look at my glasses you'd never know I'm legally blind. So instead of swapping out contact lenses every six months, we'll swap out glasses and be just fine. He said as early as she's taken a downhill slide she may level off by the time she's in high school. I started wearing glasses at 11 and leveled off at 28. I'm not betting on high school either. There we go back to the heredity sucks statement. Ab and I have my father to thank for the horrible eyesight. Ooh ooh I get to thank him for the gray hair, too! Lucky me. (Love ya Dad, just in case you're reading. You can't help the bad genes either, eh.)


Poor Sis...she is so overwhelmed right now. She asked me this morning to come down there this afternoon to help her pack some stuff. She called me awhile ago to tell me she's home, but it was already after 1, she had to pick TotOne up at school because she's not feeling well, Chandler had just peed all over himself and has no socks until the washer and dryer do their magic, plus the neighbor girls are getting off the bus here. I just couldn't see going down there, getting a bunch of stuff out and then having to pack it back up in an hour. So I told her I was staying home today but would be down first thing in the morning and I'll spend the whole day with her. I hated moving. Gosh, it ranks up there with Dominos on my "List of Things That Make Me Want to Stab Myself in the Eye with an Unsharpened Pencil". (No, it's not a link - I just wanted to make it green because I can.) But hey, this isn't my stuff I'm packing and moving this time. It's easier when you're packing someone else's stuff. Somehow it's just better.


Well, I'm off to copy, paste, drag, drop, fold, spindle and mutilate the archives. Or I may just go do some laundry. For some reason, it sounds strangely inviting right now.

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