Friday, March 04, 2005

It was Friday all day (Part deux)

I shouldn't have used that title for the previous post. That post was going to be this post, then I changed my mind last minute. And I'm not creative enough right now to think of another title. Thus, Part Deux. I doubt there is a Part Trois tonight, though. I'm getting tired.

Kady and I just hung out today and it was awesome. I stayed in my pj's till 3:00 this afternoon. Yep, shameless. Sue me - I had a headache. She actually wanted to get dressed. Usually it's a knockdown dragout to dress the child, but on the one day we're staying home, not going anywhere, she's all fired up to put on clothes. She has a mind of her own, that's for sure.

I wrote a story for Fizzle n Pop this morning (I hope that link takes you right to it. If not, I'll post my story on here in it's entirety.) and Kady sat in the floor for nearly 2 hours putting together puzzles. I keep them put up in the closet after last summer a little girl I was babysitting dumped the whole box out in Kady's bedroom floor. Imagine 300+ puzzle pieces scattered EVerywhere. It was a compulsive woman's nightmare, trust me. So now they stay put up. This is good for two reasons: 1) They don't get dumped again because I do not let the puzzles out of my sight. 2) It makes the kids really WANT to play with them. That box of puzzles entertained her all day long and I've now decided my youngest child is a puzzle savant. No kidding. She's freaky with the puzzles. She was putting together 30 piece puzzles in like 2 minutes. Yikes. She frightens me sometimes.

We watched All My Children together and ate tortilla chips and salsa. Then I rocked her to sleep. I love that. She's my last one more than likely and I will rock her until she's 12 if I so desire. Okay, I'm pretty sure she's not going to let that happen, she'll start resisting it one of these days, but until then I'm rocking her. I think Abby would still let me rock her to sleep, but the child is nearly as tall as I am, so that's out. Sam never was big into the rocking when he was a baby. It nearly killed me to just lay him in his crib and let him go to sleep on his own. I even weaned Abby off of the rocking before he was born, in anticipation of needing to rock the new baby. When I realized that he wasn't keen to the rocking, Abby decided to punish me by not allowing it with her anymore. Nearly killed me. Kady is a rocker, God love 'er. She'll be 3 1/2 in June and I don't see an end to it yet. Halleluiah. Wow, digression much.

I finally showered and got dressed before the kids got off the bus this afternoon. Mr. Diva got home shortly after they did and boy was he in a bad mood. He swears that lack of sex does not affect his personality, but he lies. He gets really cranky without it. I akin it to my love of chocolate, his love of sex. If I go a few days without chocolate, the world knows about it because I turn into a bitch on wheels. He goes a few days without sex and yikes, we're all ready to move to Cleveland. Men.

I took Sam to karate tonight. He's so damn cute with that karate stuff. And is it wrong that I think I may very well have a crush on his Sensei? My GOD that man is hot. Tall, muscle-y, long hair in a ponytail, moustache and goatee, ooh ooh the best part, tattoo on the inside of his right forearm. I'm telling you, he's hot. Too bad I'm just about 100% sure that he finds my rather chunky physique repulsive. So much for that. Fantasy sometimes beats reality. He might be, like, so limber and rambunctious during sex that I'd find it hard to keep up. I doubt that because I'm pretty limber for a fat chick, I gotta say. ANYway...just for the record, I have no real intention of having an affair with my son's karate teacher. Just for the record.

Mr. Diva and I had coneys from the Sonic for dinner. Wow, I didn't realize just how much I have missed fast food. Not missed it, like a really important part of my life is gone or anything, but like, wow, fast food is sure convenient and I didn't have to cook it. Mr. Diva was still cranky so I flipped a tater tot at him. He wasn't amused. Some people are so hard to get along with.

We have SHOWTIME AND THE MOVIE CHANNEL ALL WEEKEEND LONG!!! You might be a redneck clear your social calendar and stock up on blank VHS tapes in anticipation of free previews on the expensive premium channels. I caught Mr. Diva watching something called "Die Mommy, Die!" awhile ago. I said, "Good grief, why on earth are you watching this? We still have the Outdoor Channel ya know." He said, "I know, but this is free preview weekend, Kristin. Duh. We must watch all of the free movies we can. Even if they suck like this one does." I said that was a pretty strange reason to watch something that starred a woman who I'm pretty sure was really a man, but dressed as a woman, but in a creepy way, like drag queen style. But to each his own.

Tomorrow we're going to Muddy Gras at the D-Day place in Wyandotte. I'm not actually sure what they call it anymore. Is it The Bunker still? Courtney, who I might add is the Voice of D-Day, always just calls is The Hill. Whatever ya call it, we're goin' there tomorrow to watch 'em 4x4 all over the place. Should be fun. The kids are anxious as all get out.

Which brings me to my final thought (Ooh, I sounded a bit like Jerry Springer there for a minute)


I'm so glad we'll be out of debt soon. I am SO driving again this year. And more than once, dammit. But in order to drive, ya gotta have money. Mr. Diva's drivin' this year, too. You know what they say:

The family that smashes the hell out of junk cars together, is a redneck family indeed.

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