Sunday, March 06, 2005

Everybody's working for the weekend

Grrr...had a bunch typed on here and dadgummit it all if I didn't click a link accidentally and the page changed and I lost it. I hate when that happens.


We sold the truck! Well, as of in the morning it will be sold. We go to the bank and pay it off and release the (hounds) lein in the morning. I was so proud of Mr. Diva on Saturday. I wanted to go with him when he sold it because I knew the guy that wanted it was a dealer and Paul's not the best at bargaining. I really wanted to take this old guy on, but Kady was sick and I had to send the man out on good faith that he would be strong. I gave him a pep talk that would rival a high school football coach revving up his team right before the big game. I few tips, pointers and a slap on the ass and he was outta here. The guy tried to get him to come down on the price, but he stood his ground. Yay Mr. Diva!!!! Anyone need a good boat?


We had plans to go to The Oklahoma D-Day Facility on Saturday, but what with the truck selling it kind of got postponed till Sunday. I had already decided after getting up with Kady at 5am to watch her cough till she puked that she and I would not be going. I figured all that dust and uckiness would be hell on her already blechy bronchioli, but Mr. Diva was going to take Mini-Diva and Diva Boy and spend the day. The truck business took longer than we anticpated. "But there's still Sunday" was our battle cry.

Saturday night we had Family Game Night in at Mom's. Since we're all working really hard to attain financial peace, we've given up a lot of the former entertaining. Well, the Diva family has - my sister and her husband seem to be making a freaking living with the gambling these days, the lucky dooder-heads.

I was drying my hair when Abby came in, almost in tears, telling me her ear really hurt. Well, with all the snot and whathaveya that's been lurking in her sinuses it's no wonder there'd be pressure in her ears. At her last dr. visit Dr. David informed us that the tube in her left ear was no longer in the ear drum, but was just lying in the canal and would eventually work it's way out. Not a big surprise, it's been almost a year since she had the tubes put in, it's about time to see them come out. I gave her an Advil and told her it'd quit soon. It didn't. 20 minutes later, when she should've gotten at least a little relief, it was hurting worse. I just got the phone and had them page whoever was on call for Dr. David. The PA that called me back was amazing and said that more than likely the viral sinus infection had allowed a bacterial ear infection to set in and since the tube wasn't in the drum anymore, well, that's bad. Pain for Mini-Diva. She called her in Zithromax (KD and Sam had just finished theirs that morning) and some ear drops. Let me just say that it's hard as heck to get a bottle of those drops, but they are GOLD man, pure gold. Our last PA wouldn't give them to me. So to get a Rx for them from a PA we'd never seen before seemed like a huge score. They worked like a charm. We see the ENT in a month and I'm praying that we don't have to have the tubes re-seated. That's gonna be a real pisser.

Anyway, Mom said that once a month now she's hosting Family Game Night. She'll cook and we'll play games and just get back to basics. Well, Mom, God love 'er, was just faunching at the bit to play a new Dominoes game. OH GREAT GOOGLYMOOGLY I WOULD RATHER STAB MYSELF REPEATEDLY IN THE EYES WITH UNSHARPENED PENCILS than ever play Mexican Dominoes again. Four hours of any game, even Cranium, is too much. Yes, four hours of Dominoes. Now, don't get me wrong, the company was great, I had a blast with my family, but oh the pain of Dominoes. Am I even spelling Dominoes right? Is it Dominos? Awhell, who cares - it's a boring damn game no matter how you spell it. Uncle David attended our first FGN and bless his pure soul, I think he prays for us a lot now more than he ever did. I'm sure he wonders just where it all went wrong. God love 'im.

Finally at 11:30 we finished our last game. The kids were all asleep on Mom's couch bed. She said to just let them spend the night. You know what that means:


The four hours of Dominoes was a small price to pay. Yep, TMI. Who cares. We had loud sex. Trust me, since the moving of the bedrooms with our bedroom now being in close proximity to the kids' and the fact that our eldest daughter has actually heard things, loud sex does not occur in our house anymore. It was a nice treat. Heehee.


I slept a solid 7 hours last night. I ate cake for breakfast and didn't have to hide in the utility room for fear the kids would see me and whine that it's not fair that they don't get cake for breakfast. I felt very grown-up. Mom fixed lunch for us. She's on a roll, that Mom. We brought the kids home and Paul immediately retired to the recliner. He had a bad headache and crashed for nearly 3 hours. So much for the 4x4 thing at The Hill. I read while the kids watched Peter Pan. It was very relaxing and quiet. We tried to play outside after that, but by then some clouds had come in and it was downright chilly. It got up to 74 today. It was heaven. And sunny!!

The kids and I watched "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days". Abby really liked it. She likes mushy gushy love stories. She's a cool kid, that Abby. Sam just groaned and covered his face when they kissed. He's a cool kid, too. Kady just sat and picked slap fights with her big brother. She's cool, but not when she does that. After the kids went to bed I watched "Monster". Yikes. What a disturbing movie. I kinda wish I hadn't watched it. She was one twisted chick.

Now I'm just killing time, trying to stay awake till 11:45. Just over 30 minutes to go. The Lucky Turtle Casino in Wyandotte is giving away $10 from 12-5am if you wear your pj's in. I can so wear my pj's and I'm all about the free money, but man, I'm TIRED. Sis and I are going at midnight, then we're coming home and the husbands are going to get theirs then. This saving money thing is great, but I'm finding that we're doing strange-ass things to find free entertainment.

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