Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Remember what I said in my last post?

"I want to really accomplish something today so that when Mr. Diva gets home he'll be a happy husband and not cranky and sullen. If a clean house, real
cooked food and sparkly clean bathed children doesn't do it, there is no hope for that man. I might throw in sex to ensure success."

Yeah, well...let's see:

  • House still pretty much a disaster. I did start on the utility room, though.
  • Dinner. Nope. Not cooked. The kids ate cereal and I ate cheese dip torilla chips and way too many grape tomatoes. Then we got to watching Lost and the time he got home...
  • Kids went to bed dirty. They don't have school tomorrow, so why bathe 'em?
  • Sex. I might actually have to follow through with that one just to make up for the other stuff.

He grumbled something about "picking something up in town from now on". My reply: "Hey! What a great idea! You do that, big boy. Save us both some trouble."

Of course, I'm not sure if he was actually talking about dinner or sex. Either way I'm pretty much off the hook.

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