Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Price list for feline neutering

Our phone number is evidently pretty close to the veterinarian in town. Occasionally we'll get a call that turns out to be a little ol' lady who gets very confused as to why the veterinary clinic is answering the phone with a simple "hello". I always politely tell them they have a wrong number and life goes on.

What I'm trying to decide this morning is: Do I call this woman back with a price list?

"Uh... yes... this is Shirley Smith of Fairland and I have a couple of male
cats that need uh...neutering and I was wondering what your prices are.
Gimme a call at XXX-XXXX. Uhhh...Thank you."

What are the going rates for a little snipping on two tom cats? Someone let me know so I can let Mrs. Smith decide if she wants to go with me or a vet.

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