Saturday, May 14, 2005


I forgot to mention that I got my hair cut on Friday. About 5 or 6 inches taken off. The first chunk she cut out of the back, I instantly felt my life force coming back. My hair was down to the middle of my back when straight and it was frizzy and heavy and just looked bad. I try to appease Mr. Diva by keeping it long, but ya know, I'm sick of it. It's my hair. He certainly doesn't consult me regarding his hair or the shaving off of the moustache and goatee from time to time, so by golly I'm going to wear my hair however the heck I want it now. And I want it short.

When I sat down in the chair, I told the stylist I wanted it to barely brush my shoulders when it's curly. Glad I didn't ask her to cut it any shorter than that. It's about chin-length on the side now. And I LOVE it! When it's curly it's this sassy little 'do that just screams "summer". I straightened it today into this flippy little number that quite frankly is adorable, if I do say so myself. So far everyone likes it. Except Mr. Diva.


My possum story made my mom laugh so hard last night she had a coughing fit that I was sure was going to merit either CPR or a 911 call. I went to Wal*Mart on Thursday and several associates asked me if I'd played possum lately or if I had any new pets. Then I saw today that Mike at Okie Doke put me on the Round Up for the possum story! (Not complaining about the Okie Doke link in the least, mind you - I am honored!) I am nothing if not entertaining, aren't I?


I live on a dirt road. And it's been pretty dry lately, so our vehicles are covered in dust. A lot of dust. Well, of course, people feel compelled to draw and write in the dust on my van. At the casino last week someone wrote "Delvina *hearts* Travis" on my back window. So Sis and I were discussing the rude person who wrote on a stranger's van when she got this brilliant idea to write my blog link in the dirt on my van. We proceded to write all over both of our vans, emblazoning the address on all of the windows and asking folks to leave a comment when they visit. Juvenile much, but I'm a slut for blog traffic.

Our husbands thought we were insane - both of them shaking their heads and rolling their eyes. My neighbor saw me at the Turtle Stop last weekend and said, "What in the hell is all is all over your van?" When I told her it was my web address she said, "Well you could've at least written it in something besides dust!"

I had a brainstorm, though. I'll call it "The Dusty Van Blog Exchange". I write your blog's name and address on my van (in window marker, not dust, for clearer viewing) and you put a button link to my blog on your site. Voila - you get blog traffic from my local vehicle traffic! Who's in?

I got my first comment from the dusty van today, too. But I'm thinking he saw my sister. 'Cuz I'm not a blonde. Although, when I called Sis, squealing that I had a hit she was all like "Well, in certain light you could look blonde..." No, the flaming red highlights cannot be mistaken for blonde, I'm sorry. I also made her call my brother in law to see if it was him fooling around with me. He swears it's not him. So you lone Miamian who so kindly chose to follow my link, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Even if it more than likely wasn't me you were attracted to.


Babs said...

Congrats on the new do! Tell Mr. Diva it's summer and time for short and sassy; and it's only hair - it will grow back.

My car is very dirty. I could easily participate in the the Dusty Blog Exchange . . . I'm in!

You can't live in redneck country and not have a possum story. I had seen plenty of opossums but had never heard the term "playing possum" until we lived in the country and saw one live up to its reputation. My mom saw it laying belly up while leaving late one night. She came back in to tell Hubby that Jager had killed a possum. Hubby asked if she was sure it wasn't playing possum. We go out there and it was a stand off between dog and possum. Hubby shot the gun, startled possum into a hiss, the dog lit into the possum, possum no longer play acting dead. Hubby laughing during the entire scene.

Anonymous said...

A long time ago, I decided it was my hair and I would do it the way I wanted. If the boss wants long, curly hair he can grow some! HA. His fore head gets bigger and bigger!

We have had our whole year's allotment of moisture in the last week so we don't have dust, just mud. It sticks to cars, too. bonnie

KarbonKountyMoos said...

We're a muddy mess, too - and the web addresses will slide off right now.

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