Monday, May 16, 2005

Blue, Green and White

These are the colors that are haphazardly splashed, dripped, smeared and smudged all over me right now. I have white Kilz and blue paint in my hair, my fingernails are a mixture of hunter green and blue,I even have green drips on my toes and toenail polish. But by golly, some of the trim is painted on the playhouse and I now have a blue bathroom! I didn't realize how dingy and bleh the paint was in that bathroom until we repainted it bright white and blue. I'm a happy, tired camper right now. Tomorrow I'll paint the wainscoting and cabinet in the bathroom (just Kilz'd them tonight) and finish up the cabinet doors and drawers. In the meantime we're having to use the small bathroom and shower. And man, when you are used to a whole entire bath tub shower, that teeny tiny mini shower gets cramped in a hurry. I pray the humidity's low enough that everything dries enough tomorrow that we can move back into the big bathroom. The ideas I get in my head... I don't know how many times tonight I heard Mr. Diva mutter "Woman, one of these days I'm just going to tell you no." Yeah. Likely.

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