Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Dad called this morning to tell me that my Nana fell yesterday in her backyard at 11am. At 3pm she made back into her house and crawled to the phone to call my uncle. He came over and argued with her for awhile and finally relented that he would not take her to the hospital even though he felt she needed to go. He said he was going to go get a key made and he'd be right back. When he got back she was in the floor again. At that point he picked up her up - all 87 pounds of her - and loaded her into his truck. She's in the hospital now and the first x-rays they did showed no fracture in her hip, yet the doctor feels she does have one because she's showing all the signs of one. When I talked to Mom awhile ago she was in CT and Mom said she'd call when they heard the results.

Hip fractures in the elderly are usually the beginning of the end. As much as I hate to say that, I fear it's true. My Granny Glenn lived on her own till she was 97. When she broke her hip and was moved to the nursing home, her health plummeted and she passed away soon after. Nana has been falling for over a year now, but it was always in the house and she always managed to get herself back up. This one was too much.

My heart is so heavy right now I could literally just sit down and cry. I am asking for your prayers and good thoughts for my Nana, friends. Please.


Irish Divinity said...

I know where you're at! My nanny is 71 and I am so worried about her future even though she is doing pretty well. I'll be praying for your nana.

Strizz said...

Sorry to hear that. It has to be hard to be old and frail while your mind wants to be young and strong.

Derek Knight said...

very sorry to hear about this. Hopefully she'll be just fine.

Shannon said...

Hey Kristin,
Sorry to hear about your Nana!
Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

Babs said...

Hi Red. So sorry to hear your distress. Of course, my thoughts and prayers are with you and Nana.

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