Thursday, May 26, 2005

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down

It's rained for like, what three days now. It's getting rather old, I gotta admit. The blistering hot temps we experienced now seem almost pleasant compared to this nasty, wet, chilly and dreary weather we're stuck in. The kids haven't been outside all week and we're all stir-crazy.

I was online almost all day yesterday. The kids played and I wrote. It wasn't an altogether bad scenario, since I haven't had the time to write in ages, but still, I'd rather be outside working on my freckles tan. And I can't believe I didn't blog yesterday! I guess I didn't have anything to report. Like that's stopped me before.

The season finale of Lost was a bit disappointing, in my opinion. All week I'd been anticipating the "glimpse" we were supposed to get of the monster, because Evangeline said in an interview that we were going to see it. Yet, if they showed it, I missed it. Yeah, yeah, I saw the swirl of smoke or whatever, but in my mind, a glimpse it was not.

OH but the finale of Alias KICKED ASS!! The last 30 seconds of the show was freakin' INCREDIBLE and I literally stood up off the couch and yelled "OH HOLY SHIT THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN!!!!" at what happened before the screen went to black. No kidding, my heart was racing and I was all kinds of in a tizzy. I love that show. I can't believe I missed the whole first season. My friend, Trishia, tried to get me to watch it that first year, but it didn't appeal to me. When the second season started she begged me to just watch one episode and if I didn't like it she'd leave me alone. Last year, before she became a working woman, we'd call each other during the commercials and ALWAYS ALWAYS when it was over. Man, I miss her. *writes note on list of things to do today: Call Trishia*

My niece and nephew spent the night with us last night because Bub and Sis are now homeowners!!!!! Congratulations, guys. When they left last night they said they were going to leave Mom's house in the morning at 6 and get to the farm-ette early and start working. Mr. Diva and I joked as to what the odds were that was actually going to happen. She called me at 9:10 this morning to tell me they had overslept a bit. Heehee.

The six kids have played pretty good this morning, except it's like this major competition to see whose voice can be the loudest of them all. Everyone shouts, not in anger, just in excitement and it's wearing thin on my already scarce nerves. I asked Mr. Diva night before last if we could call a sitter and go out awhile, even if it was to just sit in a skanky bar and drink a beer or two. But he was too tired. Big baby. I think stir-crazy outranks tired any day. Unless I'm tired, then tired outranks anything.

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