Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Phreakin' Photoblog PhTuesday

Yep, Derek, stole it from ya, too. You rock, dude.

Okay, so finally I am posting pictures of myself as a teenager. This only skims the very top - from only the first two photo albums I went through. If you so desire to see more of me in the big-hair days, all you have to do is ask. There's more where this came from.

Not only in these pictures will you see my hair with "feathers", "Lee Press-on bangs", bleched out and fried from too much perming, and of course, Reba McEntire in the 80's HUMONGOUS, but please note the size of my freakin' glasses throughout history. I am so glad that the small frames in style now. I don't know how I wore those big bastards.

Without further ado... A very young, much thinner Diva...

this is me with Brian. we "went together" from Kindergarten to 6th grade. this is us in 7th grade, flirting. but only flirting. he was fun to flirt with, too. *sigh* he's still hot, but in a rougher kind of way.
Me and Bobby McGee

this is me in probably 8th grade. what's saddest about this picture is that i wasn't playing "dress up like a famous popstar", but i actually wore that crap. flowered pants with black pumps? and the classic wife beater worn under a baggy sweater. so 80's. oy vey.

this was the night of our freshman graduation. yes, that's a negligee i was wearing. along with my graduation corsage. why i wore a negligee at a slumber party i will never know. the one next to me, on the end is my neurotic friend. and yeah, that's a baby bottle she's holding. long-standing slumber party tradition. don't ask. well, if you have to ask, ask her. :)

our junior prom. the girl on the back row, far right was the demonic foreign exchange student that lived with us and made my life hell for nearly a whole year. the girl sitting next to me and the one in the blue dress behind me and the one with the puffy sleeves all ran around together. why the other three jumped in, i'll never know. at prom, everyone wants their picture taken, even if it's with people you don't like.
Junior Prom

the hair! ohhhhh the gigantic, enormous HAIR! AND they backlit it. glowing big hair. how very 1991. look at the size of those glasses, too!
Glamour Diva

two generations of band queens. my neurotic friend was the newly crowned queen and i was the previous year's queen. but because i was (okay, and still am) a hog for attention, i talked the band teacher into letting me don a big fancy dress and walk in with the flower girl and crown bearer because i just couldn't let go of the fame.
Band Queens

there's the full view of the hoop skirt that i'm sure wasn't all that popular in 1988, but oh well. it was big and i got attention. that was really all i cared about back then.
Killer hoopskirt

this is my best friend at the time and myself getting ready to go to a student council formal. we had some of the biggest hair in our class, besides Magnet Lady's bangs (they were the ultimate, i gotta admit). when my hair was that big, i had to slouch down to drive because my hair hit the headliner in my car. and i'm only 5'2", people! that was some darn big hair. all thanks to Rave and AquaNet.
The Hair Twins

and what is a high school photoblog without a picture of the old boyfriend? this is brad and i before his junior prom. they say real men wear pink, but man, he sure didn't want to. but his mom and i together formed an intimidating team of estrogen and eventually he gave in. plus, i promised i'd put out that night.
Junior Prom

And there you have it - a smidgen of big-haired, 80's pictures for your viewing pleasure! Oh do, please comment! And feel free to request more - I've got tons.


Anonymous said...

Some day I am afraid that my daughter will see a picture of me holding a baby bottle. Then what will I do? She'll hold that over me for years. Blackmail me and everything. What do I say when she asks for a baby bottle pop? Sure, g'head.

Babs said...

I'm a glamour girl from the mid 80's myself. Oh, the things I used to do to my hair for the "big hair do!" It would start out big, then by the end of the day fall to, at the time what would have been considered, flat. My friend started teasing her ends with "Dippity-Do." This only weighted down my hair with a greasy tip look.

Great pics Big-Hair Diva!

Redneck Diva said...

Stace - Yep, Abby has asked me with much disdain why on earth we were sucking on baby bottles at every slumber party. Rolls her eyes and everything. Oh I can't wait till she and her friends do something retarded.

Babs - Your hair actually went flat? Oh man, there was no way mine COULD! I would flip my head over and spray it, wait for it to dry into a hard shell, flip my head back up, tease the hell out of it, shellac it some more THEN to finish it into something akin to concrete, I'd spray it real heavy then blast it with the diffuser. There was no flat hair on me! I also remember having to use baking soda on my hair periodically to get rid of the build-up. Ach. The things we did for glamour. So when do we get to see big-hair Babs pics?

Jersey Girl - Oh gosh, the angst that I experienced as a teenager...it's a wonder I didn't dehydrate from all the tears. And when Brad and I broke up I thought my heart was literally going to just stop beating. My mom told me a few years ago that she thought I was going to commit suicide! I cannot believe that I ever let a boy have that much effect on me. And sadly, I'm pretty sure my girls are going to go through the same thing. And even if I try to warn them, they ain't gonna listen. Which is a shame because I'm pretty durn wise, lol. And you think I was cute?? I'm so flattered! And can you believe I was actually considered FAT back then by virtually every guy in school? I don't get it. I'd kill to weigh 120 again. Hmm...I think I'll go have a brownie...

KarbonKountyMoos said...

Oh that was great fun - since I graduated HS in 1975 (did I just admit that?) - my photos are not so glamourous, sigh. . .

Redneck Diva said...

Oh but I'd still LOVE to see some! Come on...please??

Derek Knight said...


Redneck Diva said...

Derek - Am I to read that as a wolf whistle type whoo because I was such a hottie back then? Or am I to read it as "you are yet another of the geeks who keep stealing my phreakin' idea" type whoo?

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