Thursday, April 06, 2006

Yellow Brick Road

So.....anyone tired of the Wizard of Oz references yet? No? Well, I am. I think I'll quit now.

The Diva Ranch is still standing, but from the looks of the local radar it may not be for long. Eh, who am I kidding - the storm will peter out at the county line, just like they always do. It's like some elected county official walks around the perimeter of the county and sprays Bubba's Tornader Repellent when one's predicted. Hey, it's just a theory.

The kids are running amuck, the dog is pacing the front yard and my hair is frizzy.

Yep. Storm's a comin'.


Jennifer said...

You are giving me a headache - I have SO already added you & tater to my worry list, you crazy storm chasers!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Heh, heh. You said 'peter'.

Titanium said...

We need some of Bubba's Tornader Repellent over here in Oklahoma County. They're always touching down & destroying stuff here.

Anne said...

i LOVE storm season..I get all scared about it when you can actually see the funnel clouds..but its so exciting! Bring on the storms..

Redneck Diva said...

Jennifer, we're still here, so we're obviously doin' something right!!

Hillbilly Mom, ROFL

Titanium, lucky!! We haven't even made full-fledged run to the fraidy hold yet this year!

Anne, I've seen two actual funnels in my life and yeah, scary much!! But still exciting!

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