Monday, April 17, 2006

Salon Drama

Abby's grades got bad again a few weeks back, so I offered her a deal - get them all up from C's and D's to A's and B's by the time the 9-weeks progress reports came out and I'd take her to get a manicure. Well, the little booger did it!! And a whole week before progress reports came out! She really wanted that manicure. So Thursday I had made her an appointment at one salon the manicure and then made us both appointments at our regular salon for haircuts. All the girls at the first place thought she was so adorable and just gave her the princess treatment. She walked out of there with pretty, pearly pinky nails. Then I took her to Sonic and let her sit in the front seat while we ate- again making her feel like queen of the world and ruler of all. After that we jaunted over to the "Dollar Treat" for some bubbles because it's spring and by golly, it's a law somewhere that bubbles must be purchased in the spring.

After that we headed over to our regular salon. She did a really good job on Ab's hair. She cut about 5 inches off the length and gave her some layers. It's much thinner and absolutely precious. But I should've stripped off my cape and flew out the door when the second I sat down she said, "You colored your hair again." I said, "Yes, I did." Her deadpan reply:"I thought I told you not to do that again." Followed by a hateful You Are A Moron sigh. After that the rest of the haircut was just horrible. A few of the comments I heard were:

"Wow, you really have some dry ends." Yes, I knew that. That is why I'm here.

" want me to wax your moustache, too?" Yes, I believe when I said "lip wax" that was what I meant. I just prefer not to call it a moustache - I save that term for Magnum PI and my husband. You're just being hateful.

"Hmh. So are we growing out an eyebrow that we messed up?" No, we are not growing out an eyebrow that we messed up. It's my eyebrow, not ours. I didn't mess it up - it just grows that way.

" like, do you ever try to like, fix it?" Does it look like I try to fix it? Obviously it offends you, the demon eyebrow. Quit making me feel like I have a tumor on my face - it's an eyebrow.

Needless to say I came home I plucked out the stupid "messed up" part.

And I'm looking for a new salon.


Shannon said...

LOLLOLOLOLOL! Do I dare ask where you went??? hahahaha OMGosh, I don't think I have laughed this much in a long time!
And I really hope you fixed that eyebrow!

MamaKBear said... rude! I used to be a cosmetologist, and belittling customers was NOT the way to get business, not to mention TIPS!

As for eyebrows, she'd prolly recoil in horror from mine...I've had Brooke Shields-like brows all my life and had them waxed ONCE while still in beauty college (because I HAD to..they made me!) and parts of one that got waxed grew back WHITE and has been that way ever since. Pluck 'em? Hell no! But I do have one of those little trimmer things now and it works pretty good so I occasionally will tame them some. As long as I don't have a unibrow, I don't fret about the state of my eyebrows!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Which reminds me...last time I got a haircut, I went to Great Clips because #1 son was getting a haircut, and it saved time. Though I DO prefer to go to my haircuttress who looks like YOU. So I sat down, and the first thing out of that bitch's mouth was, "Oh...we color our hair a lot?" NO. I DO. A LOT. She kept trying to sell me salon shampoo and conditioner, but I said no, that I use whatever shampoo the kids have (Ha Ha, sometimes I do) and that I don't want any.

Then she said, "Well, it's not nearly so dry as I expected." Take THAT, bitch! Which is what my Diva-esque haircuttress says. Not the bitch part, that would be rude, but the 'your hair really has a nice texture' kind of thing. At least she didn't mention my mustache or my eyebrows. (It must be because I'm OH SO PRETTY.) She will be working at Great Clips for a while, methinks, until she learns not to shout out about people coloring their hair.

ccap said...

it's a law somewhere that bubbles must be purchased in the spring.

Here, here!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Umm...not to be rude, but could you explain why your searches show:

'septic cleanout for dog poop', and

'hang a dirty sock around your neck for sore throat'

Do your have some kind of secret Martha Stewart blog?

Oh, and my drunken word thingy was
'jhacgolf', which seems to me like a foreign way to call me a 'jackoff'.

Queen Of Cheese said...

oh my! Next time Jason's cousin comes over for our free haircuts want me to call? She usually talks to me that way but it's because she can and I won't slap her. I would have slapped the other lady!!

Kelli said...

I hate it when salon chicks do that! Dont they know that we come there to make ourselves feel better! Not to leave feeling judged. Screw them. They have work in a salon all day while you get to duct tape to your hearts content.

GERBEN said...

What a hateful little snot! I’m weird about salons. I always feel like I’m being judged when I go to get my haircut or something. Guess that’s why I don’t go that often.

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