Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Loving the laundry

I am always amazed at how quickly my house gets out of hand. Always. You'd think after 13 years of running a home that I'd kind of pick up on the fact that it takes on a life of its own if I'm not careful.

Before I left last Friday I caught up all the laundry and dishes. I ran the dishwasher when it wasn't quite full and ran two loads of laundry that were only Medium sized, not Super Gigantic Can We Fit Any More In This Drum sized. I never do that. But I also couldn't stand the thought of that dirty laundry sitting there in the hamper dirty and no one to love it and wash it for 3 days. I knew that Paul wasn't about to wash a dish or so much as a sock. Hey, he had TV to watch, motorcycles to ride and things to spit. I didn't expect him to.

Sunday afternoon when I got home I took my suitcase and the kids' bag straight to the laundry room, made four piles of laundry and proceded to wash them. I unloaded the not-quite-full dishwasher that I had run Friday, loaded it and ran it again. (I never will figure out how one man who ate at the convenience store/deli for 3 days managed to dirty up that many dishes. It's one of life's mysteries.)

But by bedtime all laundry and dishes were done. The living room was picked up, the toyroom was clean, the kitchen was spotless, the bathroom . . . well, it's never clean . . . but what I want to know is how in the blazes just a mere four days later is my house a wreck again?

Oh yeah, we didn't run around naked and we ate two home-cooked meals. We did homework. We played Legos and Weebles. We watched TV. (How watching TV messes up a house I'm not sure, but go with me on this one) We stuffed money in envelopes and secured them in backpacks for field trips. We bought groceries. We showered. We read books, played Barbies and Godzilla.

It's a never-ending cycle of life, laundry and the pursuit of happiness. So am I happy?

You bet your clean socks I am.


Linda said...

Did he leave the dishes like mine does with a plate on a cup on a spoon on a pot until there's no room in the sink?

Irish Divinity said...

Saturday before last I got up and cleaned up the house and the kitchen was spotless (that RARELY happens) and left for Joplin w/my SIL around 11:45am and got home around 5:30ish and my h was gone from the house for a while (ate at the chinese place) and yet somehow he managed to completely destroy the kitchen! He fixed himself whointhehellknows what. Whatever it was took something like 3 pans on the stove, several bowls, plate cups silverware. It was insane. Oh, and then he ate dinner too!

Redneck Diva said...

LouBob, yes!! He left the Leaning Tower of Dishes in my sink! He didn't even EAT here!! I'll never understand.

Divinity, Mr. Diva can make a scrambled egg sandwich and dirty up a saute pan, a bowl, a plate, a knife, a spatula and a fork. For one sandwich. And God forbid he wipe down the counter when he's done! AGH!! I feel your pain, dear.

Queen Of Cheese said...

When you figure it out could you please tell me how my coffee table has a fine layer of dirt on it, not dust, dirt. When you put a glass on it, it will turn to mud. Could be the windows open during farming season but I'm guessing the kids also have something to do with it.

Anonymous said...

Your house made it way longer than mine. I have a three year boy (Tasmanian Devil?) and a 7 year old girl (Princess) and it only takes them 2 or 3 hours to demolish the work it took me 2 days to do!! They both get dirt circles around their noses and mouths every day. Do they eat it? smell it? How does it get there? Mrs.Coach, any ideas?

Politically Homeless said...

Sounds like my house. It progressively deteriorates through the week and then I clean it on weekends.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually the clean one at my house.

Yeah - I'm in therapy for the denial. It really isn't just a river in Egypt.

- Boggzie

Redneck Diva said...

Mrs. Coach, I gave up on dusting a long time ago. Living on a dirt road, it's futile. I'm not exaggerating in the least when I say I can dust and 30 minutes later it's back. That sucks.

Kids generate dirt, too.

Anon, how do they do it? If we could only harness that energy...

Brian, sad thing is I clean during the week, too!! Cleaning is not just a weekend thing. My house just spontaneously dirties itself at will. Just like my laundry procreates overnight.

Boggzie, awww least you're getting help.

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