Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I got smacked

Okay, I haven't mentioned anything on here because I'm a big weenie and was afraid that if it was a really, really bad review then maybe y'all wouldn't read it. Obviously, a few readers visit italk2much every dang day because they've already commented that I've been smacked.

But not too badly. 3 out of 5 smacks ain't bad, right? And there was very little raking over the coals......my ego is only slightly bruised. And I keep telling myself that I asked for the review. Had I gotten this review last week before my vacation, (that Boggzie swears I smoked pot during - DUDE, SHHHHHHH. I'm a mother.) I'd have probably set my hair on fire and quite possibly camped out on my roof or something, but this week I'm a little more centered and calm and now I'm trying to quit chewing Xanax like they're TicTacs and fix the problems.

I kind of wondered if the white writing on blue background was hard on the eyes, but really no one's mentioned it so I didn't worry about it. And I know my posts get kind of long sometimes. I can't help it! I even talk like this people. Just ask my friends.

I was reviewed by Merciless Minx and here's what she had to say (just in case you have no inclination to visit the actual site):

"First off I’d chop off the first half othe name. Just plain Redneck Diva is
good enough. I like the header image, except the girl looks smudged and vaguely
blurry. A better version of that image is needed.

"The sidebar is annoyingly centered, but not too cluttered. I’m not sure
about the colors. It doesn’t immediately hurt my eyes, which is good. I was able
to read the entire front page, which is also good. But something is holding me
back from saying this is a pretty template. Because aside from the cute header,
it isn’t all that pretty.

"However the writing is good. I find her entertaining. Some of the posts
are a little long, but they’re not excrutiating. Rednecks fascinate me."

I was kind of thinking anyway of dropping "the ramblings". Really. Not just because she said that. But I don't know.....it's been this way for so long......change is hard.

Okay, so in my browser my redneck chick looks fine. I use SBC's browser, though. Does she come through fuzzy to everyone else? Am I just looking at her through a blog owner's eyes? Like a mother who can't see that her child is just plain butt-ugly and still enters her in pageants, am I just refusing to see my redneck girl fuzzy and perceiving her to be clear?

According to her my posts aren't excruciating and my kind fascinates her. I feel that her three smacks were incredibly generous compared to other reviews I've read and am just glad she was kind. The readers who visit the site and comment, however, were not so kind. I'm not gonna go into that. It'll mess up my chakra or karma or something. Yeah. Go read them if you must.

So now I'm asking y'all - what needs to change around here? It's Spring, after all. Maybe it's time for some cleaning.

But just know that I'll never, ever, ever, quit writing about the things I have written about since the beginning of this blog: my kids, my life, my boobs and my possums, skunks and various other farm critters. Oh, those are here to stay.


Queen Of Cheese said...

Oh MY! Why do you ask for this punishment? Please don't send them to my blog, it's crap, I already know it, no need to tell the world, the 3 people who read it are enough!!!!!!! But I like it and she ain't fuzzy to me. Course I'm usually in need of a drink and I'm sure my hormone level is whacky so I'd ask for someone else's opinion. I like it the way it is!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Oh, my dear brave Diva, you came out of this very well. They are heartless! I've been reading them for a while. You are OH SO BLOGWORTHY to get three smacks.

I would never submit my blog. I have the blue template of death, you know. Though I said a while back I was thinking of lightening things up for spring. Also, a lot of my stuff is about my kids, and methinks they are not so fond of mommy bloggers. Hey! Maybe they didn't notice you're a mom!

I wonder if they were impressed by your uniboob? Your unbutt-ugly chick looks OK to me in Firefox.

LNR said...


You are such a delight to read! You remind me of everything that is cool about America - class trips and places with names like Snak-Atak! Wow! I haven't been back in nearly 4 years and don't often speak positive about the place, but your blog gives me a real sense of nostalgia. This I gotta admit.

Thank you for posting!

MamaKBear said...

3 smacks is definitely good...if you remember, mine was reviewed a month or so ago by the very same reviewer, and she just couldn't get past the fact that I do HNT...I got a big fat ZERO smacks.

GERBEN said...

Girl you are braver than I. Now about your cowgirl, she looks fine to me, but what the hell do I know! I agree with her on some level about the white on blue. I really like the header, but there is something just not appealing when it comes to the blue background with white writing.

Now that said, I say you do whatever YOU want with YOUR blog. It’s your space and you do what you want with it. Hell if you want bright yellow background with blood red writing, then go for it! I like your style of writing and I will always stop by for a visit. I may not always comment, but I am always reading honey.

Anonymous said...

I think your blog is great just the way it is. If she thought your posts were a little long, wouldn't that fit with the "ramblings?" Just my opinion!!

Anonymous said...

GUUUURRRL, your blog is fine.

I enjoy the long-winded stuff, I get that way myself. Your little 'diva' at the top is hot, period.

Don't change a thing, girl. You gotta remember these folks are people that don't have their own successful blogs, so they take great pride in nit-picking others. Blogs are diaries for the most part, when was the last time you changed your diary because someone else didn't like it?

If you're dead-set on changing things - let me know, I'll put together a layout for you and all, because I wub yew. But, the redneck diva image stays - non-negotiable.


- Boggzie

Cap'n Neurotic said...

I've never heard of their site before, and yet now the masochist in me is compelled to submit my own blog for smacking; I'm really curious to see just how poorly my own rambling translate for people who've never met me :)

As for the review itself, I'm one of those odd individuals who like light text on a dark background, and your image has always displayed fine for me.

Redneck Diva said...

Mrs. Coach, I'm a masochist, what can I say?

I was wondering if my diva girl was really fuzzy in real life and the fact that I'm always inebriated and hormonal was keeping her in focus to me!

Hillbilly Mom, I did fare well. In fact, I keep waiting for them to go back and say something horrid as a PS or something.

They do hate Mommy Bloggers, HNT'ers and well, pretty much everyone. No one has mentioned the UniBoob though....I figured that would get something snarky. Someone mentioned my brassiere shopping, but not my UniBoob.

Anonymous said...

I just read what those people said about your blog. They don't sound like they are from around here. Or like people I would want to read. You are an awesome writer! Don't listen to those haters.

Kimberly said...

Sounds like a pretty good review to me. When you go there, you are getting "smacked" so if it's not too painful, I'd be pleased. And I'd be happy with that one for sure. Your site is very good looking and well done all around. Be happy - it's all good stuff here :)

BTW- I'm the real MommaK. I have to say that because I hear that Eminem song chanting in my head...

Carmel said...

Diva -- Don't change your blog. I like your image. It's not blurry. I like your ramblings. I remember the first time I came across your site when I decided to poke my nose on the Oklahoma Blog site. I loved it. Linked you right away and wouldn't change a thing.

Kelli said...

Im impressed! Those bitches are tough and three smacks is really good! I love your blog and if some of their readers who cares about them?

Anonymous said...

She looks a wee bit low-res. If you have an image editor like Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, sharpen the image a little (and maybe brighten the colors, also just a little). Both might help. If you don't have the progs, ask me nicely and I'll do the editing for you :)

Redneck Diva said...

Anon, well, I did ask for the review, so I'm not going to completely ignore what they said, but at the same time I'm not running out to find a razor blade and a noose! :) Thanks for commenting!

MommaK, oh my....so many mommas with K's in their names...y'all know you'll confuzzle me!

Thanks for the compliments. I agree, the review was far less painful than I imagined it would be. And hey, I've always been partial to a good "smacking", LOL.

Cissy, you know I value your opinion and it means so much to me that I have managed to capture you enough that you visit repeatedly. I sure hope you're going to the Okie Blogger Round-up because I can't wait to hug your neck!

Anne, thank you! I still can't believe I got 3 smacks from them. That was my hope when I submitted the blog for review - if I could get 3 out of 5 I'd be happy. So...I'm happy!

Andrea, Heather from the defunct Ciao! My Bella did the whole thing for me, so I wouldn't begin to know how to fix her. I mean, I have PhotoShop and I'm sure I could fix her, but getting her back onto the blog is the problem. I can get into my template and fool around just enough to give myself a thrill, but not enough to actually change the world or anything. I'm kind of dangerous, lol. Soo....do I need to send you cookies? Or can I just say please and see if you can fix my redneck gal? :) Email me!

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