Tuesday, October 18, 2005


It is 4 minutes until midnight as I start typing this. Paul is in the shower and hopefully I will be soon, too. We've been at the Farmette. We are dirty.

We taped off every window, doorway, facing and closet in the house. We painted Kilz on any surface that wasn't moving. We called each other a lot of names. Thankfully we love each other and it was all in jest. I told her at midnight she couldn't call me a certain name anymore and she had to be nice to me tomorrow.

Tomorrow the guy comes to spray the orange peel textury stuff allllll over the house. Then Thursday we commence to painting. Whoo frickin' hoo. The moving that was supposed to occur this weekend isn't going to occur. We will instead spend the weekend painting instead. Then next week trim will be put in. THEN the carpet can be laid and finally they'll move. Probably sometime around Valentine's Day. Yeesh. Just kidding. They're hoping to be in by month's end, but honestly I'm not sure if that will happen, but don't tell her I said that.

We girls had finished all we could do and we both dropped exhaustedly onto the hearth to sit and watch the boys take down the living room ceiling fan. I popped a cookie into my mouth and discovered I didn't have the energy to chew it. Now, people . . . that is tired.


Queen Of Cheese said...

Do you get to take the TaterFarm off on your taxes? You sure have donated a lot of time and food to the homeless. I'd look into it. I'm no tax professional but it couldn't hurt.

BTW- my kids are actually staying home w/ their dad tomorrow. Shocker----- I know!

Redneck Diva said...

Mrs.Coach-You make a valid point. I'll ask my accountant about that. Surely they could be considered charitable contributions, right?

Aw, man . . . Kady was looking forward to them coming over!! But hey, any time you can get the husband to watch the kids . . . well, that's just a miracle.

Queen Of Cheese said...

By Friday, you may 2 extra kids. The oldest one is actually very good with power tools and paint brushes. He could be SpudsPainter at the TaterFarmette.....
I'm sure by that time Mr. Coach will be begging to go back to school!

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