Thursday, October 13, 2005

Sirens say "Sam's on the way!"

Cartoon Network has a new 2-hour thing on weekday mornings called TickleU. Total preschool programming for 2 solid hours. I love it and so do the kids. There is one show on it called "Firehouse Tales" and the talking firetrucks well, they fight fires. (Duh) And when the call comes in they all shout "Sirens say, 'Help's on the way!'".

Well, tomorrow the sirens will say that my son has arrived at school. Why? you ask. Well, I'm glad you did.

Today was the "good behavior" drawing at school and Sam got picked! Out of PreK through 5th grade my boy got drawn to ride the firetruck to school! I'm sure he knows by now, but when I talked to the school secretary she hadn't told him yet. She wanted to make sure we were going to allow it before they announced it. Allow it? Heck, I wanna ride, too!!

I was squealing and laughing and just generally making a fool of myself on the phone. I said, "Jill, when you tell him he's going to pee his pants!" She's kind of a dry person and she said blandly, "Well, it sounds like you already did." Okay, so I got a little excited.

I then called Jen, my mom, my sister and my mother in law. I may have to be sedated. It might not be such a big deal, but Mr. Diva used to be a volunteer firefighter and Sam thinks firefighters are just plain cool. Of course, Mr. Diva rolled a firetruck once, so we're going to hope that Sam has better luck on his ride to school tomorrow.

Now I've got to empty my memory card on the digital camera, make sure there's film in the regular camera and dig out the video camera. I may not sleep tonight.


Queen Of Cheese said...

Oh GAWD! I hope they don't put it on the scanner in the morning cause my Grandma will call and this is what she'll say "Some little kid has hijacked the Fairland Firetruck and they are locking down the entire county, where are your kids" To which I will reply "Taking a tour at the Fairland Firehouse, why?" I hate that scanner!

MamaKBear said...

Way to go Sam!!

Boy, you're a proud Mama if I ever heard one, Diva! I would be too.

That is so cool that he'll get to ride on a firetruck. I always wanted to do that myself. I looove firemen! Every year when they do their "Fill the Boot" thing for Jerry's Kids I make sure I have a dollar or two, just to get one of the hunky firemen to come up to my car! LOL

BTW, after checking out so many cool blogs, I went and started my own last night. Sure wish I knew how to get mine all prettied up though, it's sooo plain! Check me out if you wanna! :)

Rebecca said...

Hi Diva,
Riding in a Fire Truck has to rate a 15 out of 10 on the cool scale.
Bring him to Melbourne one day, and I will give him a train ride.

Redneck Diva said...

Mrs. Coach-I can totally see your grandma goin' ballistic over hearing of a fire truck highjack!

MamaK-He was one happy little man, lemme tell ya!

The best way to purty up your blog is to pay for it. I didn't say it was the most fun way to purty it up, but it sure makes for a purty blog and you have lots less worry! Fortunately, I won my template design and got it for free, but I'm thinking of biting the bullet and actually buying one before too long.

Bec-Oh yeah, definitely way over a 10 for sure!

He would have a cow over a train ride!

Sam-Thanks! I am sure that school secretary thinks I'm a blithering idiot now, but oh well, I was excited!!

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