Thursday, October 27, 2005

I see mean people

Yes, I'm still alive. Barely, but yeah, still alive. And kickin'. Almost literally this afternoon. The kickin', that is.

Mean people suck.

Mrs. Coach, thank you for the offer on the ice. So far Oklahoma Ice has offered to donate 100 pounds and BX Express in Baxter is donating 100 pounds as well. In my mind 200 pounds of ice is a lot, but if I see it tomorrow and decide it's not enough I may call on you.

Irish Divinity and Mrs. Coach, where did y'all get the idea I have small feet?? That cracked me up when I read that! I wear size 10, ladies. :D

I found some really incredibly ugly Mary Janes at Wal*Mart, though. Only in a 10 1/2, though. But hey, I'll wear thick socks and they'll be fine. I only paid $7 for them so when Halloween is over I'll trash them with no qualms. Or I could just Bedazzle them for Christmas.

I took Monday off of work and kept Abby and Sam home from school. Abby was running a little fever due to a sinus infection and Sam was coughing. They rested and I did laundry. I was really ready for them to go back to school on Tuesday. My daycare babies don't backtalk and roll their eyes. Nor do they fire cap guns at each other from the recliner and the couch.

This week we are so consumed with the school carnival that I want to cry. It's hectic and everyone's fighting. Parents fighting. When will we all just get off the junior high bus and grow up?? Okay, rephrasing - I have grown up, it's the other poopoo heads that haven't.

Kady woke up this morning with the croup. You know, that baby harp seal bark thing? Yeah. Grand fun. At least this time, though, she decided to present it to me at 6:30am and not 1:30am. That middle of the night run to the ER with my flashers on was not something I ever care to repeat. I was much calmer this time due to the fact that I wasn't awakened from a sound sleep to hear my child making that horrific noise, plus she wasn't having an asthma attack in the middle of it all. Last time she'd bark then gasp for air, lips blue, shaking, the whole nine yards. Scary shit, man. The doctor called us in some extra albuterol and steroids this morning. I hate steroids as much as I hate mean people.

We went on the Coleman Mystery Tour tonight. 3 hours of family bonding was all I got out of it. Sis, Dad and I went and we laughed our asses off through the entire thing. There is nothing worse than getting struck with a case of the giggles when it's a serious moment - like church, a funeral or something like that. Sis and I got the giggles while the tour guide did his impression of a person. I'm not sure how else to describe what he was trying to do. The tour was so hokey and corny and incredibly staged that I wasn't scared in the least, but like I said, we laughed. And I so needed to laugh tonight. So did Sis. Did I mention I hate mean people?

Tomorrow night the dreaded carnival takes place. Y'all should come on down. It'll be super great fun. If the mean people stay away. I'll be the fat Little Red Riding Hood in the concession stand slinging nacho cheese from here to the Pecos.

I am exhausted, tired, sleepy, angry, frustrated, hurt and just downright pissed off. I need some rest. And I see me getting NONE of that rest stuff until mid-week next week. Tomorrow night is the carnival. Friday is parties at school - and I'm seriously considering skipping them altogether and being a horrible momma. Saturday morning Sam has a karate test which will eat up 2 hours. Then Saturday night is a Halloween party. Sunday is supposed to be a neighborhood hayride thing, but part of me wishes that would get cancelled. Then of course, Monday is Halloween. *sigh*

I heard on the radio tonight a theory. She said that people who are insanely busy, always volunteering for stuff and constantly taking on project after project after project are just running from something. Hmh. The only thing I'm running from right now is mean people. And I'm running to my bed now.

I doubt there's much blogging from me until after Halloween. So y'all have fun out there bein' all spooky and stuff and I'll catch y'all when I stop living on a steady diet of cheese sandwiches, hot dogs, cigarettes, the occasional bottle of wine, paint fumes and cheddar bites from Sonic. Sometime next week. I hope. Although, the occasional bottle of wine and the cheddar bites aren't such a bad thing. They make me drunk and constipated - what could be more fun?


MamaKBear said...

Dayumm're a busy bee ain't ya?

Slow down, take a deep'll all be alright!

Sorry the kiddos are sick, that's not fun.

Mean people suck.

~ A P R I L ~ said...

I'm so sorry you're having to deal with all this, here's a hug for you chickie {{{{{{{{DIVA}}}}}}}}

Now, here's the uplifting part. Your kids will love you for all this. They will remember this, twenty-five years from now, they will be in the same boat as you wondering how in the HELL you did it and thinking, damn, I had a super mom.

You go girl, your a rock.

Call me if I can help though. I'm free all weekend!! No major plans set in stone.

Queen Of Cheese said...

Have no clue where I got the shoe thing!!!! I passed it onto Divinity. Guess that's how rumors start!

Those same mean people must have family in Bluejacket! Carvinals turn people into animals! And not the good, drunk, dancing naked in the street, drag queens dancing with each other kind of carnival like in Rio.

Sam said...

I'm pretty sure that if you get drunk enough you won't be constipated anymore. Hang in there!

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