Saturday, October 22, 2005

It's here! It's here!

Soup weather has come to Oklahoma.


For lunch today it was tomato soup and Cheezits.

Tonight it's homemade vegetable beef.

I have found nirvana.


MamaKBear said...

It may be here, but how long is it gonna stay?? Yesterday the weather was so played outside ALL day! Today??? Colder than a witch's titty in a brass bra! (MrKB's saying)Yeesh!

I hope it's not this cold when it's time for trick-or-treating. This is the first time I actually have kids to take and I really don't wanna freeze my ass off!

MrsCoach2U said...

I made Santa Fe Soup and Chili this weekend for our company to just eat and go. The main word there being "go". Actually Mr. Coach made the chili, I pretty much such at chili. 10 layer wedding cakes are no problem....chili kicks my butt every time!

Sam said...

Soup is good food. That is all.

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