Wednesday, October 12, 2005

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Tonight was Lost. All of life at the Diva house stops during Lost. Last week my dad called during the show and we blatantly ignored the machine. During a commercial I ran in and called back. My stepmom answered the phone and I said, "I'm on a commercial break tell Dad I'll call him back after nine okay gotta go thanks bye!" I'm thinking he was a bit offended at my ignoring, but now he knows not to call between 8 and 9 on Wednesdays. I used to be that way during Alias, but eh, not so much this year.

So anyway, I made hamburger patties and calico potatoes for dinner tonight. Bub and Sis have been working on the house all day and they came up to eat and watch Lost with us. My kids love Wednesdays because they get to stay up a whole hour later than usual and this makes me, for one night a week, the coolest mom EVER.

Tonight's episode was mysterious and raised a lot of questions. But then again, every episode is like that. So nevermind. But at one point I was totally confused and clueless and I said, "OH MY GOSH I am SO lost right now!" Abby rolled over, looked at me over her glasses and said, "Uhh, Mom . . . duh. You're watching Lost." The minute it would cut to black for a commercial my living room would just erupt in a cacophony of talking and questions and "oh my gosh"'s. And look at me, I used the word cacophony. Whoo hoo!

I cried at the end. Literally cried. I fell in love with the Rose character from the beginning and just KNEW that the scary black man was her husband. Who knew it was the sad, sick, scared looking white guy? Wow. That was unexpected. That'll teach me to stereotype, huh. And how many of y'all really thought from what you saw on the trailers that Jin had been bewitched or something by The Others and was really speaking English? Me too!!!!

I am just so sad. Waiter, could I get a life over here, please? Yes, me - the pathetic-looking 30-something woman sitting at the table with cardboard cutouts of Jack and Locke. Okay, I don't really own cutouts of Jack and Locke, but if y'all know where I could find some . . .

Eh. I guess it could be worse. I could be blogging about my soap opera. Of course, the thought has crossed my mind a time or two . . .

It's now 10:05 and I'm going to walk on the wild side and just flat-out NOT watch the local news and


Wait, I haven't read Hillbilly Mom, Stacie, Andi, Sam, Anna, Courtney and Jersey Girl and . . .

Aw shucks. I'll be up till midnight like always.

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Redneck Diva said...

Onyx-Calico potatoes are red, white and sweet potatoes sliced and fried in bacon grease with red onion. YUM-MEEE!!

No cable on Lost night? My gosh, how did you survive!?

Sam-We are hopelessly addicted to our nicotine around here. Mr. Diva has chewed since he was 7. And even though I only smoke 1 or 2 cigarettes on a normal day, it's just a hard damn habit to break. Every pack is going to be my last, but so far ... well, dammit I'm weak.

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