Friday, October 07, 2005

It's only been a week

Yeesh, if I had half a brain I'd have remembered that I wrote a HUGE post on Tuesday night and when I went to publish it gave me that dreaded "page not available" business and then wouldn't let me back into Blogger at all, so I left the window open so I could recover the post later, BUT then a storm hit really quick and suddenly and I had to shut down and unplug everything and well, I kind of haven't plugged my computer back in until today. I kind of forgot. I wondered why there were so many comments full of concern!

Okay, now . . . where to begin . . .

Last Saturday morning I got up and put on a pot of brown beans and ham then set about cleaning the house a bit. Not much, just a bit. Then at noon, the kids and I loaded into the van and headed to Tulsa for their first trip to the airport. And my first trip since I was 17 years old. The last time I went I wasn't driving, so of course I paid no attention because I was 17 and what 17 year old actually pays attention if it doesn't directly affect or benefit them in any way? Point being, I was totally clueless as to how perilous a trip to the airport would be. Turns out - not perilous at all. Easy drive, no problems, wheeled into the short-term parking with no incident. The sign said 30 minute parking was free, after that it was $2. I was praying for an on-time flight.

So the kids and I went into the terminal that looked ginormous to us, but in all actuality is pretty small. I strolled in like I visit the airport daily. The kids walked in with eyes wide and mouths agape. I checked the flight screen and yep, the flight was on time so I was praying for the free parking thing. We found a seat because we were about 10 minutes early and I wasn't actually sure at which gate we needed to be. Then I heard the familiar ring on my cell phone that told me


We retrieved her and her luggage and headed to the van, loaded up, buckled up and made it to the toll booth thing with one minute to spare. Parking was FREE! I love it when I get my way. We drove to Casa Bonita because Cousin Stacey was jonesin' for some sopapillas, but alas they were closed. Not just closed for the day, but closed forever. It was a sad, sad day. Midnight the night before marked the end of the 30-year reign of all you can eat sopapillas at the big pink casa in Tulsa. *sniff sniff* So instead she got some Taco Bueno and called it good. She bought the kids a soda and you'd have thought that was more exciting than the trip to the airport.

We arrived back at Casa del Hoover, where you don't get all you can eat sopapillas, but you do get a noisily entertaining visit and sometimes, yellow cake with chocolate icing. Not the same, but nearly as good. She and I visited while I made cornbread, a yellow cake and an apple crisp. Up to that point we had kept the visit a secret from everyone, so we were both excited as to how it was going to play out. Tater and her tots, Mom and Bub were supposed to come out for dinner and then a casino/darts run, so I called and asked them to bring some ice cream for dessert. When Mom got there she tried to hand me the ice cream. I ignored her. She tried again to hand it to me and I just said "Would you just go put it in the freezer for me?" I know she was puzzled as to why I wouldn't take the ice cream from her, but when she walked into the kitchen and was greeted by Cousin Stacey, the screams and squeals that ensued blew away any puzzlement.

Dinner was spent catching up on family gossip and such, laughing a few times till I thought cornbread was going to come out my nose. The sitter arrived at 8:30 and we all loaded up into Paul's truck and headed to the Lucky Turtle. I'd like to think the spur of the moment trip in from NC was all about me and how much Cousin Stacey missed me, but I'm thinking the Turtle played a big part in the visit, too. ;) After the Turtle we visited Bordertown and then ended up at the Buffalo, of course.

Sunday morning, since Paul had to work, Stacey, the kids and I went to Joplin to spend Abby's birthday money. She got some really nice clothes and still had $12 of her money left at day's end. I also bought myself a $5 Old Navy Halloween shirt. Yeah, I realize it was a frivolous expenditure, but hey I was giddy with delight. Kady had a massive meltdown at the mall and that can only mean one thing - an asthma flare-up is on its way. She gets purply black circles under her eyes and her personality switches right before the wheezing begins. When we got home that evening I started her on her inhaler and so far we've kept it at bay.

Sunday night we had a weenie roast, just the family, minus Mom. That was fun. Thankfully the next day was Pajama Day at school for Spirit Week, so that justified the late bedtime for the kids. Monday was relatively uneventful around here. We went to Ladies' Night. Whoo hoo. I'm not sure I'm going back. It's become more dreadful and miserable than it is fun, as of late.

Tuesday afternoon, Sis and I drove Cousin Stacey back to the airport. Jen came out and stayed with the kids so we wouldn't have to drive with all the kids. Then we drove back in enough time to get the kids around for karate. After that Mom and Bub met us at the Chinese restaurant and there were five happy kids; they got to get their own ice cream from the machine.

And that, dear friends, is why I didn't blog last weekend and into the first part of the week.

The rest of the week I didn't blog because this has been probably one of THE worstest weeks of my entire life. Anything that could go wrong, did. I was taken advantage of, hurt, misunderstood, peed on, pooped on and finally puked on, I got my panties in a wad more than once, cried a few times, cussed a LOT, the kids have been demons from hell, and frankly, I was afraid I'd get on here and just scream, rant, rave, cuss and just generally make a fool of myself, so I refrained. The computer hasn't been even plugged in until today.

Tonight was Abby's birthday party. Most of the girls that were invited came. They had a blast. It was friggin' cold, but they still had fun. Well, when they weren't whining, that is. The fire was a hit, simply because by the time we got it built they were frozen from the hayride. But even though it was cold, the hayride was fun. After the girls left we had another hayride, just the family. We talked about the "Hudson Creek Howler" and just generally fuh-reaked all of the kids out. Sam and TotTwo ended up in the floor by our feet. Kady asked if a werewolf was going to eat us. Abby tried to poo-poo it all off and be tough and aloof, but even she got spooked. After that even-more-frigid-than-the-first hayride, we built another fire and made s'mores. Then we came back into the house so Abby could open her present from us - a karaoke machine. It's the mac daddy of karaoke machines. She was stoked. So was I. I will sing Copa Cabana in my sleep tonight, I'm sure of it.

Now my sister is on my couch under a pile of blankets, wearing my daughter's sock hat because we have no heat. The central heat doesn't work, which really isn't a big issue - we heat solely with wood anyway. BUT we have no wood cut. The house is freezing right now. Our husbands are at a casino somewhere in town. Neither has money, but they're there anyway. Sis' kids are in my kids' beds and my kids are all three sleeping in the humongous boxes that my Home and Garden Party order came in. I hope they're not practicing to be street people. They have gotten so much joy from those boxes, I am seriously considering saying to heck with Christmas presents this year, we're just giving them boxes.

Tomorrow Sis and I are taking the kids to Joplin again for more shopping. Mom gave us each some money to buy them some clothes. WHOO HOO!! Free shopping money! Okay, so it's for the kids, but still . . . FREE SHOPPING MONEY!! Abby doesn't get any more clothes, but she does get a new coat. It seems that, as per typical Oklahoma weather, we're going straight from summer into winter.

Nine years ago, right now, I was spending the longest night of my life in the hospital. Paul and I tried to sleep, but were both terrified, nervous, anxious and completely unaware of what kind of effect the child inside me was going to have on us. So far, the effects have been good ones. So much so, that we did it again twice more and nothing has been the same since.

Thanks to everyone who left comments in my absence. I hated being gone, but the break was needed even though I didn't realize it at the time. Besides, it would've just been a week full of me whining and bitching anyway. I hope to never have another one like it again. Ever.


Carmel said...

The hay ride sounds like fun. I'm sure it's a memory your kiddos will treasure.

Lucky you heating up the house with wood. Those of us who don't will pay dearly for it this winter. Hmmm, we do have a fireplace, maybe we'll try it one night. -- Glad you're back.

Anonymous said...


I blogged about the bombing at the OU game this week.

Can you email me, or PM me on my forums and let me know what they're saying where you're at?

I know this is WAY off topic, sorry.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been on here lately either, but that's not suprising for me, I'll probably just call you, yeah I'm calling you're screening again. I love you.

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