Saturday, October 22, 2005

Ponderings, musings and thoughts

Has a person ever painted themselves to death? I feel I'm perilously close.

Where did Fall go? It went from hot and humid 94 to cold, windy and frigid in a matter of days.

When am I going to find time to go to Wal*Mart???? We need groceries desperately and I still haven't picked up the material for the skirt of my Halloween costume yet. I have to wear the costume for the first of four times this coming Thursday, so I really need to get on that.

I totally forgot to call the ice company to see if they'd donate ice for the carnival's concession stand (which I am in charge of). I'm thinking at this point they might not. If they choose not to, I wonder how many times I'll have to dump and refill my 8 ice trays between now and Thursday. A friend of mine who owns a convenience store is donating some, but I'm not sure just how much "some" is. I should really check on that

Why is it that the more tired a child gets the more hyper they become? I guess I know the answer - they're overcompensating. But yeesh, I found it incredibly hard to believe that all that noise was only being made by five children. It sounded like the playground at recess. And it was COLD out there! There's no way I could've had that much fun outside tonight.

I can't find any Mary Janes in my size and I need them for my Halloween costume. Like, a year ago, Mary Janes were in style. WHY didn't I buy some last year, dammit? I even hit the Friendship House hoping to find some, but nope. I did find some black velvet pumps that looked like they'd been run over with a Bedazzler, though. Too bad I'm not going as something that would need Bedazzled Christmas shoes.

At one point last night I had a cool $100 in my hand at the casino. The Lucky Leprechaun had obviously found his Lucky Charms and was sharing the love with me. Do you know how many Christmas presents that could've bought my kids? Do you know that I instead, walked out of that casino with my original $20 and that was it? I am a moron.

Has anyone else ever wondered why it is that men are SO MUCH NICER the day after they get laid? My husband was one of the nicest guys you could've ever met today. One would think that would make me want to put out more often. But nah.

The season finale of Ghost Hunters took place at a hotel in Eureka Springs, AR, which is really only a hop, skip and a jump from here. Right now they are doing ghost tours and an overnight stay for only $99. Sis and I really want to go, but we're stuck working on the farmette. Anyway, I knew my dad and step mom used to go to Eureka Springs quite a bit, so tonight when I was on the phone with Dad I asked him if they'd ever stayed at The Crescent. He said that yes, they had and I asked if they'd had a ghostly experience there. He said, "More like ghastly." Then went on to tell how the doors didn't fit. I asked what he meant by that. He said that the doors kept opening by themselves. Now, I love my dad a lot and I really do consider him a smart man, but HELLO, did he not realize that the spirits were opening those doors?????? Now I want to go stay there even more.

On that same note, though, we're going on a Mystery Tour at The Coleman Theatre on Tuesday night. I can hardly wait!!

And now I am going to collapse exhaustedly into my bed once again. I seem to be making this a habit. It really kinda sucks, too.


Hillbilly Mom said...

Ooooooh. I can't wait to hear about your Coleman Theatre tour. IF something doesn't get you.....!

Ha! The doors didn't fit. One time my mom was commenting to me that she was so glad she and my dad didn't have to worry about their health, they had never been sick. She was counting out their myriad of pills at the time.

Queen Of Cheese said...

We have an ice machine here, if you need ice.

Can I go tomorrow night w/ you to the Coleman? I'm free tomorrow and Mr. Coach can babysit. Can I PUHLEASE?????????

What size shoes do you wear? I know you have little feet but I can't remember....what kind of friend am I?????? LeAnn has some Mary Janes I'm pretty sure.

Irish Divinity said...

I have some mary jane's, but they have 2 inch thick heels on them and they're a size 8, so probably wouldn't work if you have small feet! sorry, hope you find them.

Mad Housewife said...

Mary Janes can be found at the Dr. Marten website in brown and black. I don't know the exact URL, so do a search. You'll end up spending like $80 though.

Have you tried looking at PayLess? Maybe they'll have some.

Queen Of Cheese said...

There was a Mom at ballet last night that said they went to the Cresent last weekend and the only thing scary about it was how small the rooms were and how it was. She said it wasn't as good as advertised. Guess it's just an opinion thing.

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