Saturday, April 23, 2005

More family pictures

Okay, so I told you I was going to post pictures of my friends and me back in Jr. High and High School... Really, I'm still going to do that. I just got all caught up in scanning and messing around with these family pictures that I couldn't resist posting them, too. The whole photo blog thing is really awesome and I hate it that my first Photoblog Friday turned into a Photoblog Saturday, but it's been on my mind and first thing this morning I started going through old photo albums to find THE perfect pictures of Magnet Lady with hair bigger than mine and My Neurotic Friend with countless different hairstyles and colors...oh yes, friends I am posting my little heart out. But in the meantime -

Cousin Stacey's darling husband, Larry, took this precious snapshot of me looking like a retard. I was going to pose with my cheek resting on the back of my hand, like a classic Sears Portrait Studio shot, but he was a little quick on the draw.

Hamming it up

Sis, me, Cousin Stacey and Mom under the glamorous sign of the Lucky Turtle Casino in the metropolis of Wyandotte, OK. Yeah, it cut us off from the chest down, but he wanted to get the sign in the pic. Plus, we all have big asses anyway - you aren't missin' much. Actually... you're missin' a lot, LOL. I slay me...

Turtle! Turtle!

And finally, one last antique. Me, Scott and Stacey. Does this shot not crack you up? I'm looking at him like "What the hell did you just DO, cuz?" and Stacey's all like, "Quick, everyone sit still and maybe the grownups won't notice!"

Three Little Cousins

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