Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I got new STUFF!

Last night was our money management class. Next to the last one and frankly, I'm glad. The class has changed my life, improved my marriage and made me a more stable person, but dang, I need my Tuesday nights back! (You can pretty much guarantee that Mr. Diva is going to be a cranky-ass prick on Tuesday nights all because of his poor pathetic soul being inconvenienced. Grr. But we shan't go there.) Next week's class they are feeding us, so that's always a plus, too. Of course, they were going to get Charlie's Chicken (the best fried corn nuggets you'll ever eat, I swear) but then some dumbass who works at Pizza Hut offered to give them a deal. I mean, free food is free food, but dadgummit I would've preferred free fried corn. Oh well.

So last night I took the kids with me to class. Thankfully there were only 6 people there and no one cared. They were really good. Of course, they were threatened before we entered the building. After class I took them to McD's for some McYummy McFood that gives me the McRuns and I let them get Happy Meals. Normally we don't spring for the Happy Meals because back when I discovered FlyLady, I learned the fine art of downsizing and minimizing and basically getting rid of the crap. I decreed that Happy Meals would be no more and you know what - the kids were okay with that! I was figuring a whining fit of volcanic proportions would ensue, but they were okay with it. I think they were tired of the clutter, too. But right now they have The Dog and The Cat toys and the kids really wanted them because "all the kids at school have them and they are so cool and oh mom can we can wecanwecanwecanwe" and heck, they really were good during class. I relented. We now have a Boxer The Dog, a Russian Blue The Cat and a Siamese The Cat.

And then, because I was already in a benevolent and giving mood, I took them to Wal*Mart and bought them The Incredibles (the 2-disc pack because I'm that cool) AND Kidz Bop 7 (because I'm even cooler than I thought I was) and the children were happy. I also bought a RF modulator for our bedroom TV (bought it used, it's really old) because husband bought me a DVD player for the bedroom last week. I told him I wanted to be able to watch Napoleon Dynamite in the bedroom while he watches The Outdoor Channel. He went out immediately and bought a DVD player and presented it to me. I thought he was being sweet until I saw him relocating his dirty movie collection to the bedroom. Yeah, bonk chicka bonk bowwwwwwnnnnggggggg was all he had on his mind. Ach.

While we were back in Electronics, I looked at some CDs that I've been kind of wanting. I checked out that oh so gorgeously curly headed Dierks Bentley and the equally adorable long-haired Blake Shelton (Whom I have seen in concert, met and have an actual picture of me with his arm around me and I was really drunk) as well. But couldn't decide if I wanted to actually purchase a whole album just so I could have their pictures available to me at any given time or if I'd rather just go to Wal* and download the good songs for .88 and just visit their websites for pictures.

I decided on this instead of the hunky CDs:
New toy
I love new toys.

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