Friday, April 01, 2005

Before I stab myself repeatedly in the eye with an unsharpened pencil...

...I will post something quick and then log off again.

It is raining here in my (red)neck of the woods and that means static on the phone line (yes I'm still on a 26.4Kbps dialup *gasp*) and that means an internet connection so slow it makes you want to scream. I love where I live, I just wish we had better phone lines. The lines are so old we can't even get DSL. For the love of God, SBC....upgrade, please?


Took Abby to dentist yesterday. Things still good. Molars still wiggly, which is what he wants. Wiggly molars freak me out, though.

Brownie meeting last night. Made "Situpons" which turned out really cute and I will post a picture of my girls when the static is gone from the phone lines. If I tried now I'd be here till Jesus comes back.

Won $37 at the Lucky Turtle last night. Did the whole 75 nickle piggybacking a 525 nickle win. Pretty damn cool. Sis won $26.50. The Turtle was benevolent last night.

Checked Fahrenheit 451 out of the library on Wednesday. It's absolutely mesmerizing. If you like futuristic, science-fictiony reads, it's a must I believe.

Yesterday I made the correlation between the title of the suck-ass movie Fahrenheit 911 and this most fetching book I'm reading when the dentist brought it to my attention. Duhhhhhhhh. Sometimes I'm off in my own little world. But it's okay most of the time; they like me here.

I am now logging off. It will take approximately 57 1/2 hours for this to post, so I figure I better start now. Garage sale tomorrow. Agh, another eye-stabbing event.

Oh yeah.... check out and check out your Diva!! 'Cuz I'm there!


Monkey said...

Can you believe I've never read Fahrenheit 451!?

(And will never read Fahrenheit 911)

Congrats on the winnings and the good dentist visit.

I don't have any DSL here in my little small Montana town either. Sucks doesn't it!? :-(

Have a great weekend!

Redneck Diva said...

No, friend Monkey, I cannot believe you have never read Fahrenheit 451! But then again, I couldn't believe I hadn't read it either! It's really good though...I give it two thumbs up!

Fahrenheit 911 is an abomination and the idiot who made it is a dooder head.

Thanks for the congrats! Felt pretty good to have my machine making all kinds of noise and not just listening to someone else's!

Man, what is UP with them not upgrading the phone lines!?!? We're not a bunch of rednecks and typing monkeys using the internet, now are we? *wink*

KarbonKountyMoos said...

Wow - you're reading Fahrenheit 451! Uh oh - I guess I'd better get me a copy!

Yes, blogger is not up to par. And since I don't know html from a hole in the wall, well - you know!

I'm on dial-up too, we're with a phone co-op that I call Joe's Phone Company. As far as electricity - we lose power when it's windy. Which is most of the time...

Some helpful folk have suggested satellite. Can I suggest that they pay my bill?

Shannon akaMonty said...

From one dial-up connection to another...I feel your pain. :)

And I'm glad you checked out Fahrenheit's a fabulous read! :)

Anonymous said...

Self portrait was kind of cool, Diva. But I got to wondering if anybody ever goes to church anymore.

And btw, I've never even heard of Fahrenheit 451. I'm so not with it, aren't I?

Redneck Diva said...

I have 7 pages left to read in Fahrenheit 451 and I could've finished it yesterday, but I wanted to savor it. It's been so long that I've read a book in like 24 hours that I felt compelled to stretch it out for a few more days just to keep things routine, lol. It is really really good! Gotta read it, Blogsis!

Gosh, small town life is fun, isn't it? Joe's Phone Company...that's funny.

Redneck Diva said...

Aka Monty - dialup should be banned from all existence! Agh!

I am SO glad that book meme went around or else I'm not sure I'd have discovered Fahrenheit 451. I try to buy very few books these days, but every now and then there's one I must own. This is one!

Redneck Diva said...

Stace - no, I don't think anyone goes to church on Sunday night anymore. Sad huh. We did last year, but got out of the habit. Bad Baptist, bad Baptist!

You really do need to read Fahrenheit 451. Chilling and thought-provoking. I love it!

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