Thursday, April 28, 2005

Eyes. Involuntarily. Closing. Must. Sleep.

We picked up our children from my mother's house at 3am. Yep. We are fully aware that we are horrible parents.

Last night was the Comedy Club at Buffalo Run. The first act was awful. Just awful. There were several of those "cricket" moments where he cracked a joke that was obviously funny to him and nothing. Nada. Zip from the crowd. He was from LA. He made fun of rednecks. See, here's the deal - if you are a redneck you are permitted to make fun of rednecks all you want. If you are a recovering addict, smartass, homophobe from Cali you are not allowed to make fun of rednecks. Chances are, you keep that shit up and you will get your ass kicked. He has had HBO and Showtime specials, too. They must've had writers for him on those because the crap he did last night sucked. The second guy, however, was a total hoot. I laughed till I cried. Well, the tears from my left eye could've very well been from the Schmirnoff Ice that my sister so preciously splashed into it. We couldn't bring bottles into the theatre so we had cups of our drinks. She made a snotty comment just as I took a drink, so instead of interrupting my drink (God forbid) I just lifted my middle finger while I was still drinking. She took it upon herself to hit my middle finger and in turn, sploshing half of a Schmirnoff into my face, down my shirt, sweater and jeans. My bangs were half soaked, my makeup was sticky the rest of the night and my eye kept watering. She's so gonna see my wrath over that one. I don't know how I'm going to get her back just yet, but she's gonna pay. MUAH hahahaahahah

We played at the Buffalo after the comedy show was over. Around 12:30am we headed for the Turtle. We lost money. "We" as in The Hoovers. Sis came home $110 up, the little snot. The Hoovers didn't fare so well. Grrr. Granted, everything we spent was winnings so it's not like we were blowing bill money or anything, but still, I get really pissed off at myself when I don't stop when I should. It doesn't happen often, but when it does I really get cranky about it. Oh well. I still have enough left out of my $516 to tithe and get my tattoo, so I'm happy.

Kadybug spent the night with Sis tonight and the house is so quiet. She's only one little girl, but obviously she brings a lot of noise to the table. Ab and Sam are simply worn out, too, so that might be part of the reason the house is quiet. We're all tired of running and going and doing. The last three weeks of school are always like this and there's really no way to prepare for it. You just do it and pray that the end comes quickly. We have some kind of activity or event anywhere from 3 to 5 days/nights a week from now till school's out. That's just wrong, people. That's too much. But what do you do, the things have to be done. We just fly on auto-pilot awhile, that's all. From end of the year awards dinners, to field trips, to Track and Field Day, to Beach Day, to Kindergarten Graduation, to Talent Show to complete and utter insanity, we'll cover it all in the next few weeks.

Well, I'm off to veg on the couch. I plan on being asleep by 9 tonight. Tomorrow's the Kindergarten Field Trip and whoo hoo - it's off to the SKATING RINK. The skating rink. Oh my gosh, I'm going to the skating rink. I'll be okay if they leave the disco ball off. They turn that thing on and I look like a blindfolded drunk monkey out there.


Anonymous said...

Isn't the last of the year wonderful insanity! You're right, we get through it only because of the end school for three months! I hate that so much is packed into this last little bit. Is Sam playing ball? That makes it worse.


Irish Divinity said...

We've had to attend at leasst 2 bday parties at the skating rink since January!! And since I have to get out there to help my daughter and her friend, I definately know what that drunk blindfolded monkey looks like!!!!

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