Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Noisy friggin' appliance

Crock Pot barked all night.

Not just a random bark here and there, but literally all. friggin'. night.

I'm changing his name to Shithead.


Going Like Sixty said...

Note: to welfare Moms, today is not a good day to go apply.

"You want me to shove your chillen right back where they came? Now get the hell out of my face!"

M&Co. said...

Now you know why he was a stray.

Our dog barks all night if we make her sleep outside. It is our penance for making her camp in the wilds instead of allowing her to sleep on the beds with the chill'ins.

WHIP's said...

so I read this post first since it's at the top...and was wondering what kinda freaky crock pot you had that 'barked' all night and what were you cooking that required it to be on all night...if dinner takes longer than the car ride to taco bell, you're doing it wrong....and THEN I read the other post. so, now i feel like a dolt. Posh has decided to empty the trashcan every day while I'm at school, so I come home to chewed up corn cobs and coffee filters strung across the house...coincidently, when you come visit casa Blevins, note the new countertop decor cleverly shaped to look like an elevated's the latest thing

Hillbilly Mom said...

Give Crock Pot some chocolate donuts and meth. He is probably sore from all the hugging, and needs comfort food.

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