Monday, September 17, 2007

Something's gotta give

I know I'm not the first woman to go to college in her 30's (much like Hillbilly Mom's not the first women to ever get a cold, bless her heart), but seriously people, when does this get easier?

I lost my ever-lovin' shit Saturday night right in front of my children. I bawled and I hollered and I all but threw myself in the floor and pitched a hissy fit right there.

Kids should not see their mother lose her shit. It traumatizes them.

Great, now I have something else to worry about.

Something has to give. Can't be school because it's already paid for. Can't be work because we need the money. Can't be my social life because I never had one anyway. Can't be the family because well, I love them. Can't be the housework because it's already gone and there's no coming back, I'm afraid.

Guess it'll be my sanity.

I'll be insane, but I'll be an educated, employed, social recluse with great kids. What's not to love about that prospect?


Melessa Gregg said...

"Something's gotta give" was a phrase I repeated over and over and over for the last three years, but nothing ever did. Sometimes I lost my shit right in front of my kids too, and my house still hasn't recovered some three months after graduation. BUT, I made it through and you will too. Especially once you get through all the sucky pre-requisite classes (like macro and algebra) eww! Then you will sob like a baby at graduation because-goddamn it-you DID IT! Hang in there by your fingers and toenails if you have to-I promise you'll be glad in the end.

Kaye Waller said...

I feel your pain! I went back to school when I was 36. True, I only had one kid, but I had 2.5 jobs and was a single mom.

You'll make it. Just remember that the key to survival is planned, followed-up on mini-breakdowns. This means getting time to yourself, if it's only an hour over coffee and a muffin on the lawn of your school.

Hope to see you at the Round-Up!

Going Like Sixty said...

While your at it? Try to blog more too, Ok?

Carmel said...

OK Diva: Sounds like you need a heart to heart with Mr. Diva. He's gotta pitch in more, and after all it's in his benefit. What good is a crazy wife? Seriously kiddo, it WILL get better. I survived. Another rule: Don't turn down offers of help from Mom, Tater, friends, etc. AND, it's ok to hire a sitter now and then for some much needed R&R or homework time. Did I mention that I usually only slept for three or four hours during college? I always took at least 18 hours, worked at least two jobs and my house was usually a mess (never the "public areas." And guess what? My point is -- We survived.

Jennifer said...

Been there, done it - hated it but love the benefits if that helps any. Try lots of GNO and drinks - oh yeah find a super boss like mine was... Its due to Boss that I'm graduated. She's awesome to have on your side! Hugs - don't forget I'm the queen of MLA!

Queen Of Cheese said...

Same boat, just trying not to sink. I think this calls for a drink, wanna meet at the Lodge? Oh wait, I swore to never go there again....pick somewhere else.

Stewed Hamm said...

I'm with Cissy. It's time for Mr. Diva to come to Jesus - cake or no cake. It won't kill him to wash a dish or do a load of whites.
I'm sure that he'd prefer doing all that domestic-y stuff messing about with cube roots and absolute values. Lord knows I would.

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