Saturday, September 29, 2007

Feeding Back

Okay, the new header is up, the new colors are up - anyone vomited yet?

Yes, yes, it's very pink and purple, but well, I am a diva. I, however, am not married to the colors and haven't decided yet on the final color scheme. I guess I'm test-driving this one until y'all start commenting to tell me you love it or hate it. Or that I owe you a new keyboard because you just barfed all over yours.

If it's hard to read, makes your head hurt or gives you any other non-desirable symptoms, please let me know. To quote Bryan Adams, "Everything I do, I do it for you."

Many, many thanks to Lil for the kickin' header. When I opened my email last weekend and saw what she had created for me, I squealed so loud the dog barked. No kidding. Paul came a'runnin' because he thought there was either a mouse on my desk or I was being murdered (the two are not that far from each other in regards to how much I'd scream) and, once he made sure I was going to be around to finish raising his children, busted out laughing and said, "Wow, Lil sure does know you!"

Oh and by the way, if the t-shirt thing comes to fruition, the header above is what will be on the front of the shirts. No, I know it's not guy friendly, but if you're a guy and you want to wear a shirt that has the word "diva" and a clothesline with a pair of pink panties on it......well, you'll probably have no problem with it. (Sixty, buddy, would you wear it to the next Mary Kay party?)


admin said...

Header isn't showing on this end. Oopsy!

Going Like Sixty said...

Diva, buddy, I'd wear it to a biker bar! That's the advantage of being an old fart! They would think it was funny and buy me beer.

I like the black text.

M&Co. said...

Header isn't showing up in Mozilla Firefox.

Betty said...

Love the header. Don't change a thing.

Hillbilly Mom said...

It's showing in my Firefox. When it first loaded, I got the taste of Pepto Bismol in the back of my throat. But then I leaned this way and that, and the pink changed to purple and back, like one of those fancy car paint jobs. It must be my monitor.

Overall, I like the pinky-purple ensemble. The header ROCKS!

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