Thursday, September 20, 2007

Blogging from work, Vol 2

Tee feels so scandalous when I do this. Even though I have permission, there's just something scathingly brilliantly scandalous about blogging on your boss's computer.


I have my first test in Macro tonight. If the relentless diarrhea and inability to eat all day says anything at all, I am going to flunk this test miserably. Actually, I don't think I'll flunk, but I am not deluding myself into thinking I'll get anything higher than a C, probably something lower. It's killing me to admit that, by the way.

I took practice tests all day yesterday and got an 80 on one and in the 60's on the rest. Last week the instructor told us that when he was in college, on the very first test he ever took in Macro, he answered all the questions completely opposite of what they were supposed to be. And sure enough, he jinxed me and I'll be danged if that's not what I did on the practice tests. Stewed Hamm graciously gave me some pointers for Economics on the whole and it helped, but I think I'm just too mathtarded to understand the graphs. I did, however, master which direction the shift in the supply and demand curves go. I think. We'll see. I may not, in reality. I think I have a handle on the terminology, though.

I think.


Goinglikesixty wanted to know Mrs. Weese's reaction to "We wook at my butt! See it?" According to Kady, she "just busted out waffing and waffing at me and said my daddy is funny!"

Mrs. Weese has told me several times how impressed she is at Kady's ability to convey humor, so I think she appreciated our ingenuity. We're not doing anything out of the ordinary - we're just a bunch of tacky, unrefined rednecks trying to help our kid learn her sightwords.


Several years ago my mom bought Tater's kids and my kids each a set of Schoolhouse Rock videos. Remember watching Schoolhouse Rock between cartoons on Saturday mornings? I loved those cartoons and still get "I'm Just a Bill" and "Conjunction Junction" stuck in my head from time to time. And who can forget "Interjection"? Our kids, however.....not so much impressed. The question I got once was, "Can we watch something that doesn't teach us so much?" Needless to say, the kids don't watch them very often.

At Parent/Teacher Conference this week Abby's teacher asked how Ab was doing on memorizing the Preamble to the Constitution. I was clueless as to what she was talking about, so putting Abby on the spot, I asked her right in front of her teacher how that was going for her.

"Oops" was her answer.

Sam's working on his 3's in multiplication and just cannot seem to grasp that concept. Oh the 2's were easy enough, but those 3's are killin' him.

Then it hit me the other night - we have all those Schoolhouse Rock videos! And we must put them to use! And use lots of exclamation points!

All day yesterday I had the song "3 is the Magic Number" on my head and today I have successfully sung the entire Preamble about 1627 times.

Sam was so entirely stoked to take his 3's test today - I hope he did good. I can sing you those 3's like nobody's business. And if only I'd remembered the Preamble song last semester when I was taking History, I'd have probably gotten an A.

Wonder if there's an Economics rock....


The Okie Blogger Round-up 2007 is OFFICIAL! In two weeks Tater, Paul and I will be yukking it up with other Okie bloggers from all over our great state. I can hardly wait! Last year was a blast and it was so wonderful meeting everyone - it looks like there will be even more there this year!

I asked Paul awhile back if he would go with me and he adamantly and instantly replied, "NO." So I asked Tater to escort me, as she did last year. She was on board because she's single now and hey, you never know if there's some cute Okie blogger who's just itchin' to date my little sister. Then all of the sudden Paul changed his mind and said he wanted to go, but Tater still wanted to go, so now it looks like the three of us are going. And since it's over so early this year we're thinking that the Cherokees might call to us and we might want to, you know, gamble a little....just to get in touch with our Native American roots.....


Which reminds me.....if you're an Okie blogger, don't forget to vote!!


And for those who are curious: GDP = C + I + G + (X-M)

Real income = Nominal Income divided by the CPI x 100

And now you know.


Hillbilly Mom said...

Oh, my. I hate the Economics, and I've never even taken it. But I know I would hate it if I did. It reminds me of a Statistics class I once hated. And I'm even pretty good at math. So I KNOW that Economics must be pure evil on a stick. Good luck with that stuff.

M&Co. said...

You know, I was just thinking last night as I was going to sleep, "I wonder how to figure GDP?" Next time that happens, I'll be able to figure it. Thank you!

Going Like Sixty said...

I'm waffing and waffing too. Glad you have an understanding teacher with a sense of humor. If you have taught Kady that, you done good so far.

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