Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I have spent my entire evening setting up my new! wireless! printer!

I add those exclamation points in an effort to make it seem wayyyyy more exciting than it was because believe me, it was not.

I got it set up from the desktop and it worked great. The laptop, however, was another story entirely. At 10:30 I got that blasted thing to print for the first time. (I got home at 3:30. Yeah.) (Darn you, Vista! Darn you!) There was much jubiliation and praise to God at that point because He had to have seen the fact that I was ready to throw something - namely the printer - out the door and it was His Divine Intervention that printed that page.

So now here it is 10:52 and I'm starting my homework for the night.

Let no one say my priorities aren't in order.

And as a footnote: I had a moment of utter maternal glee this morning when I heard my 5 year old singing "Jenny - 867-5309" -- and she got the phone number perfectly right. That's my girl.

Oh yeah, another footnote: Picked up my new glasses this afternoon. They are quite bling-y and very much scream DIVA at anyone who gazes upon my face. And yeah, there are tons of folks lining up for that, lemme tell ya. I'd take a picture, but I've had my makeup on since 6:30am and I'm so shiny the glare would shatter the camera, not to mention my mascara is riding somewhere around my nose right about now. But trust me when I say, I am gorgeous.

Tune in tomorrow for Volume 3 of "Blogging From Work" - the edition where I'm moments away from getting the results of my Macro test and the diarrhea is back.



Hey, a picture of yourself with your new us the bling!

M&Co. said...

Oh we must see the bling!

Stewed Hamm said...

So... for a good time, don't call Jenny - call Kady wif a D.

Sam said...

MUST SEE BLING GLASSES. Please. I think I am going the substitute teaching route instead of the regular full-time teacher thing because I love staying at home but I also like to make money and teach sometimes. That way I can do both, and figure out each day which I want to do. :)

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